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    Default Sept 27 thru Oct 6 2010

    Just checking to see if anyone else is booked for these dates. My fiance Kim and I will be there for our Honeymoon staying in the Atrium Suite. We are both 43 from New York (Dutchess County) to be more precise. Anyone want to meet up for cocktails please let me know. We are hoping to meet life long friends while we are there. Looking forward to our first of many trips to CSA. Only 103 more days and counting!!!!!

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    Hi Kevin' My wife and I are booked for Sept 24- Oct.2nd 2010. This is our 4rth trip to Jamaica and our second trip to Swept Away. Can't wait to go home, and hope to meet you guys there. We are from Louisiana, and have friends coming the same days fron Indianapolis. We went the same dates last year. HEY WE ARE ALSO IN AN ATRIUM SUITE. WE MAY BE NEIGHBORS. You will love the rooms.99 DAYS ANS COUNTING!!!
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    Hey Guys. It's me Margi. My husband is Mike and we will be there from September 29th to October 6th. Our 12th anniversary is Oct 3rd. We are 42 and 43 and are staying in a Garden Verandah Suite. Definitely want to meet for drinks. This summer is gonna fly by and we will be there before you know it. Hopefully more people will check this thread out. CSA Rocks!

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    Hey Margi found you! We are also in the GVS I hope we get the newer ones as opposed to the old GS upgraded, no one has yet been able to give me answers about that yet. We are coming for our first trip Oct 2-9, We are so looking forward to it. Would love to meet for drinks with ya! And to Kevin12533 My boyfriend is from New York as well, upstate Watertown area. 101 days and counting....

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    Randymon just responded that they are retiring the Garden Suite name and all will be called Garden Verandah Suite. He did state that anyone that had booked while they were still separate would get what they booked. So, we will both get what we wanted. I can't wait to meet all of you! Drinks at one of the bars is gonna be fun. Where are you guys from? Are you celebrating anything while you're there? This summer better go fast.

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    Yes that is very good news for many reasons! I have reaqd on the message boards alot of people had the same concerns. We are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And we are not celebrating anything special just vacationing, perhaps I may get a proposal though??? After 6 years of dating lol. We are very excited. It was recommended that we take the Brooze cruise, not real sure what that is, if it is a resort trip or not? Sounds like fun 99 days and counting!

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    The booze cruise is the Catamaran cruise that is included. You can sign up for it right after you check in. You get on a big catamaran and take it up the coast to these caves. You can swim to the caves and explore or you can stay and drink on the boat and go off the slide that is on the boat. I thought the slide was fun. They have punch and beer on the boat. Try to get the cruise that has Rasta Ralphie playing his guitar and singing otherwise it's just played reggae music. For some reason my husband didn't like the cruise, but I thought the scenery up the coast was beautiful and I had lots of fun. Oh, and it's free.

    I hope you get that proposal. That would be cool.

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    hey guys me and my soon to be wife will be there sept 25th- oct 2nd and are staying in a oceanfront verandah sweet. This is our first time on a major vacation like this and are looking forward to a few days away from northern new york. (esp seeing how it is gonna start getting cold right around that time). we were looking at some of the off resort excersions and was wondering if there was any advice out there and if anyone plans on taking any.

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    Hello Fuller' My wife and I will be there Sept.24th - Oct.2nd. This is our 2nd trip to Couples and hope to see you there.

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    Sept 24th-oct.2nd 81 days left

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    Hi Fuller! Welcome to the group. You are going to love CSA. I would request a third floor corner room for privacy and views. We stayed in an OVS our last time (which was our first time) there and loved it. As far as off site excursions, we didn't do any because there is so much to do right on the resort. All the water sports are included and of course they have daily activities and sport things going on. Plus, for some off site action you can just walk either way on the beach and soak in the local flavor. So, will this be your honeymoon? Congrats on the wedding.

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    Hey everyone! Just checking in with everyone! Definatley will sign up for the catamaran cruise sounds like FUN! Yes - Ranymon emailed and we are all on the same page with the old and new rooms. Well we are about 87 days out until we find out our homeland. I am so excited. I watched Anthony Bourdain yesterday in Kingston, Glad I will be on the WEST coast, although the drive up jerk chicken looked pretty dang good!
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    thanks for the room advice.. yeah this is our honeymoon we have been trying to decide between couples swept away and another resort in punta cana in the dominican republic and i am glad we chose couples. in the pics it showes a game room is that a casino our a game room with pool tables and stuff.

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    Hey Fuller. You won't be sorry about not going to Punta Cana. Went there three years ago. Went to Swept Away last year and hands down Couples is the right choice.

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    There is a small casino (very small and all electronic) and I believe a pool table somewhere in the piano bar/aura lounge area. There is so much included water skiing, kayak, hobie cats, kayaks, tennis lessons, cardio classes, snorkeling, catamaran cruise, etc. And the beach was voted the number 17th most sexiest beach in the world. The beach is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

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