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    Default First Timers July 29th-Aug 5th

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary at CSA. He is 31 and I am turning the big 30 on July 25th! Anyone else going to be there at this time?

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    Jaclynbenz - we will be passing on our way home to CSA on the 5th. We are celebrating my 32nd birthday on the 3rd and will be leaving CA on the 4th on a red eye to arrive around noon on the 5th. Enjoy your trip and just remember to leave some rum for us!

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    From what I heard the Rum never runs dry!!! Have a great trip and happy birthday!

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    me and my fiance will be there on july 28 - aug 4. our wedding is july 30. this our first trip to couples and my first trip out of the country. happy early birthday.

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    Happy Wedding! See ya there! 22 more days!

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