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    Greetings Dirtleg & the Mrs! Sooo, it's your turn to be back home. Nice. Have an awesome vacation and enjoy yourselves. When you see Elvis as well as Cosmo for that matter, please tell them both that Wendy & Sal say hi, hoping all is well w/them & their families, and we're thinking of them & wishing we were there. Of couse I have to ask that if you'd care to post updates and or pictures that would be welcomed and most appreciated! OK now, get yourselves back to the beach and have a fantastic holiday, experiencing all that CSA and Negril provides. And, have a rumpunch for Razzl! Cheers!

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    Dirtleg--How's the beach?? It doesn't get any better than CSA. Say hi to Rod & Teresa. It's because of their trips to CSA and their photos on the MB that got my wife and interested. I was all set to meet them, a couple of years ago, on a December trip, when they canceled and moved. We too have trip # 10 scheduled for March. Enjoy!!

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    Dirtleg, glad you are "home". say hi to Elvis and Ultimate for Sue and I. and how is the beach?


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    I just now spotted this thread. What could have distracted me from the message board this week?

    We are well, thanks for the kind words. R & T left on the bus this morning, she was quite sad, as she always is on departure day. But we have all had a wonderful week at CSA. Lots of goofy laughs and just hanging out enjoying Jamaica. Elvis is doing well. We got him to remove his hat and sunglasses, he was unrecognizable without them. He is also quite funny at times if you get him going. No sign of the three legged dog, we hear that he has passed in the last year or so. No one seems to know for sure. We have seen a couple of cats about the grounds, usually at night. They are quite shy and stay hidden.

    CSA is all we remembered and is just as special on visit number 4 as she was on our first trip. Looks like we are back next June. Time to start the new count down. Well, maybe we will wait till we get on the bus in a couple of days.

    Later all, I will post more.

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    Glad to read you're having a wonderful vacation! Will watch for your posts. Razzl

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    Back home in STL. Had a bit of an adventure with the travel itinerary for the trip home, but made it eventually.

    I will post up a new thread in the next day or so with some thoughts on our visit to CSA.

    I gotta go cut the lawn... back to real life.

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    Man, time flies! It seems like you 2 just got there! My sympathies on the return back to reality (nothing's as real as cutting your own grass - no?) but I know it also feels great to be home & sleep your own bed, after an awesome time @ Couples JA. Now to dream about and plan your return back... Razzl

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