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    Default exchange privileges?

    OMG 8 more days until my husband adn I are at CN! I am so excited, I can barely contain myself. This will also be our first time to Jamaica, so we are both super excited about that too.

    We were wondering if there are exchange privileges between the couples properties. If so, how do we get to the other properties and which one is closest to CN? Can we stay there all day, use the facilities and eat at the restuarants as well?

    We are coming from NYC and staying there from 6/24-7/1, anyone else?

    8 more days!
    Thanks for your help!

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    If you are a Couples Romance Rewards member you can do a "Trading Places" visit to another Couples resort on the same side of the island where you're staying. So, you'd be able to go over to CSA for a day visit.


    Bart & Bug

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    Anyone do the trading places recently? 3 days to CN and want to visit CSA. Any recommendations for what to pack and take for the day? I assume Couples arranges for transfer between resorts? Thanks

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    Not lately but will be doing it in about 168 days. Yes, Couples provides the transportation. We usually take a beach bag with what we'll need for a day at the beach (hat, sun screen, sunglasses, camera, a little cash (in case they have vendors there we want to purchase something from), etc.). Usually we're in beach attire (swimsuit & t-shirt/cover-up with sandals) so are ready to "hit the beach" and enjoy all the other Couples Resort has to offer. Have fun at CN and CSA!!!

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