We just got back home from Couples...It was fantastic! It was our first time and we can't say enough about how great it was. We read, before going, about the gawkers on the AN side. We must say, that it wasn't THAT bad with the tourists...we found that the security guards, male and female, were the ones that liked to gawk or "sneak a peek". There's a small guard hut nearby and we noticed that was the hang out for the guards...always at least 3 at a time. With that, we have to say it was the only "negative" part of our trip. We just ignored them, but it was obvious.
Everything else was outstanding. We met the nicest couples on the AN side and it was the first time at an AN for most of us. Hello to Jane/Richard,Mary/Joe, Brenda/Al,Sue/Mike! It was completely natural and no one felt uncomfortable. The service was outstanding with special shoutouts to LaToya (superb bartender), Shawn and Randol (superb waiters at Oteheite), Kadian and Kadeen. Rooms were great and they know how to take care of your every need. My husband and I are already making plans for our next visit. Can't wait!