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    Default I need one-hundred reasons(Fron The Ladies)

    My wife is reluctant to "bare it all" at CN(the AN beach of course)
    I need her too see 100 reasons(from the Ladies)why she should "shed" her fears, and enjoy the AN beach at CN! My reasons don't count.....but yours do

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    1. Because your husband considers it a turn on.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Because it is the most relaxing way to enjoy the beach - no restrictive clothing.

    Because no one really care what you look like or what you are wearing (LOL)

    Because AN people are some of the most respectful and fun loving people around

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    And this is why my hubby won't do it....... lol
    [what Pamela said...]
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    No tan lines
    Friendliest people you meet.
    No one cares what you're wearing or how it fits.
    No binding elastic.

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    It is relaxing and nice not to have tan lines.

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    No wet swimsuit to give you a rash
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Mr. G This is from one of the boys. We don't look at as a turn on. But then, we aren't that young any more. But from our perspective, it was one of the most freeing things we did at that time. That was back in October of 1995. It was one of the most empowering events. Seeing ourselves and each other, in a totally new light. No pun intended. Finding strengths and courage in something we really never gave much thought. And the part about the AN people being some of the best you will ever meet? And then some.

    But Mr.G It has to be toatally her decision. For whatever reasons matter to her. I do have one question for you. How long have you been married? Just my own curisity.

    I hope this entry will help Mrs. G with her decision.


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    For some reason, we always find people much friendlier and easier to talk to! We've made great friends on SSB!
    (Although I don't know if I would shed all at CN b/c of the public beach so close by)

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    Have Mrs. G read the “Extremely Nervous” thread. This could have been written by me and my husband. We were at CSS in March. My husband has been talking about going to a “naked beach” for YEARS. I never thought I’d get him to go to a beach in the first place, so it never occurred to me that he was serious. I said sure I would go to a nude beach. However, he surprised me with this trip for our 25th Anniversary and to say I was nervous to go to SSB is an understatement. I reluctantly agreed to TRY SSB for a short time. If I didn’t feel comfortable, we would leave. After a very short time of being there, I knew I didn’t want to leave. It’s not about being naked in front of other people and having others look at you in a sexual way. It’s about the feeling of freedom and being at ease with yourself and your spouse. Personally, I felt we had a pretty good marriage but after we left CSS, and I know I speak for both of us, our marriage is better than ever thanks to the time we spent at SSB.

    We are both looking forward to going back next year!!

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    Default just do it!!!!

    ...what better place to try something CRAZY or NEW???!!!! ...then a foreign country were nobody “knows” you!!!
    You’re on vacation WITHOUT kids, family, and you're on a beautiful tropical island….be daring!!! Do something you’d NEVER do back home!!! All you have to do is try it ONCE...if you don't like can always go back to the other beach...
    ...and you never have to speak of it again!

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    The first time I went AN was at CN. I was not at all comfortable with the idea but after being in a bathing suit for a few days my then boyfriend (now husband) talked me into it. Granted there may have been a few cocktails involved the first time that gave me some liquid courage but I did it. What came of that? Well the first thing I noticed was HEY, We're ALL naked. No big surprise obviously but when you think about it, everyone has all the same bits and we're all letting them hang out. (pun intended) Its not like some are in a suit and some are not. The second thing I realized is not one person really seemed to care! No one is looking at you. The third thing I realized is I really liked the freedom. There is nothing like swimming in the ocean with nothing on. Its one of the most freeing activities one could possibly imagine. On the regular beach most of us feel conscientious about how we look in a bathing suit. The folks on the AN beach could care less what you look like. Believe me, I do not have a perfect body, far from it, but out there I really don't care. I was always self-conscious about being naked in front of my husband and after going AN for a few days I don't care anymore.
    Give it a try. You're not going to know anyone so who has to know. When we got back from CSS in April and I was with a bunch of friends and family the women all wanted to know how I could do it. I tell them, once you're all naked it really doesn't matter anymore. No one cares! Not having any tan lines is kinda nice too!

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    Mrs. Bilkat here. I think what I found most interesting about the whole nude beach thing was that when you talked to people, you looked them in the eye. There is a connection. There are no pretenses. The people you meet are the friendliest I've ever met anywhere. Guess we all have nothig to hide! I have a body that my husband admires, but probably very few other people would. This body has stretch marks, lumps, bumps, fat, flab, etc. But my husband looks at me like I'm Bo Derek in 10 when we are nude. And that sets the stage for a most romantic holiday with my Mr. The nudity is freedom, not only from clothes, but from worrying about what other people think. Give yourself a chance. If you don't like it, no harm, no foul. If you do like it, welcome to the neighborhood!

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    Just do it and she will see.

    Go early (like before 9) and there is usually nobody on the AN beach and it's a good time to get the "feeling" of the sun everywhere.

    I used to go topless on the main beach and much prefer the AN experience - I don't feel the gawk as much which is odd considering I am nude but everyone is nude so why would they gawk?.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Well, my (our) reason is to feel the way God intended us to be! Without clothes to get in the way of honest communication. Naked people are the most honest, most caring and most FUN people there are! There is nothing like the feeling of sun and water on your bare skin and your loved one next you, smiling and everyone else going "uh huh, uh huh...that's the way I like it, uh huh."

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    it was my 1st time last year at an nude resort. my man took me to HEDO3. I never thought Id say it, but it was great! it only took me 10 minutes to adjust & get naked after seeing that no one cared at all. I was REALLY self consious about being shaven totally smooth & people gaucking at me(it). ALL THE WOMEN were the same so I relaxed. ENJOY YOURSELF, you'll fit right in!!! athena

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    No wet swimsuit to give you a rash
    I agree, that's one of the biggest pro's for me! You dry off alot quicker.

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    I have agreed to it because I see it as one of those things that we have never is something to have between the two of us that we will always look back on and say, "remember that time we....".

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    Warm sunshine on bare skin.
    Water on bare skin.
    Cuts down on packing needs, fewer items of clothing.

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    O.k. mr. g. cute idea... your wife needs 100 reasons to "bare it all." You are going to get those reasons, and more. But really... you and ms. g just need one reason... why the hell not? It is a chance to do something you can't do pretty much anywhere else. What have you got to lose? Like the Nike slogan... just do it! You may never get another chance at such a carefree state of mind. You both will be glad. And you will be with friends.

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    Ok ok, I have to ask. My husband wants to go and I am not sure. I think I "get it" to some degree, but here it is...Why are you more friendly nude than clothed? Please understand where this is coming from. If you take the same group of ppl from a/n and move them wouldn't you have the same GREAT group of ppl? I understand it's not sexual and I can tell from the message board how close knit this group is and I like that but how does being nekked help that?? This is NOT judgement but I want to understand if i can before saying yes or no.

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    Default's the other way around. Being nekked doesn't make people more friendly. Rather, people who are friendly enjoy being nekked. And, these same people are still friendly even with their clothes on! As a result, many develop life-long friendships. That is how and why they become a close knit group.

    Give it a try and work up the courage to talk to one of your nekked brethren. Then you will see.

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    Default Difficult to explain

    Brandiev, this is really hard to explain. The people are the same with or without clothes. But when you are out there in the nude with all the others, enjoying God's great paradise, it is such an experience that you will never want to go back with saggy wet sandy swim suits when you go to the beach. Don't try to "understand what it's all about" before you do it. Just do it. I don't really think that any of us truly "understands" why it's more fun in the nude. It just is, and you don't want to miss out, because you'll probably never understand the whole thing either.

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    Have a little faith. Sounds like you're curious enough to give it a try. Just go, then you'll know.

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    Default Nothing to hide

    Quote Originally Posted by brandiev View Post
    Ok ok, I have to ask. My husband wants to go and I am not sure. I think I "get it" to some degree, but here it is...Why are you more friendly nude than clothed? Please understand where this is coming from. If you take the same group of ppl from a/n and move them wouldn't you have the same GREAT group of ppl? I understand it's not sexual and I can tell from the message board how close knit this group is and I like that but how does being nekked help that?? This is NOT judgement but I want to understand if i can before saying yes or no.
    Why are you more friendly nude than clothed?
    WeALL have at least one thing in common."WE'RE ALL NEKKED"
    Having common interests is an icebreaker in starting up a good conversation... You don't have to say anything to realize you share a similar liking. I know everyone there (AN) is doing the exact same thing as we are. From what I've seen on the textile side are people sitting on the beach mostly by themselves. That's not the case at the bar but on the beach. IMHO I think we dress certainly to look presentable, but also so we won't be judged negatively. Had a clothes fit lately? How stressful is that?
    No clothes No judgement No stress. It's soooooooo relaxing.

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