I've been working with Michelle Gordon, Guest Relations Sales Team Leader at CSS, trying to arrange a party at SSB while my husband and I are there 12/29/10 until 1/6/11. I've pasted her latest email to me below:

"Hi Suzette, whatever number of guests come would be dependent on how the split is done. US$5 would be standard pp. If for eg, only 5 persons show up then the cost for the DJ will have to be split accordingly. After party can be held any night except Tuesday or Friday. We will however need at least a days notice to make necessary preparations."

There will be costs associated, but if enough of us attend and split the costs it hopefully would not be too expensive (cost for the DJ is $100 per hour, 3 hour maximum). I must admit I don't know if there were costs involved with the other SSB parties mentioned on this thread......

So if there are any couples out there who will be at CSS/SSB Dec. 29 through Jan. 6 and would be interested in attending and sharing cost for party please let me know. I was thinking that Monday, Jan.3 would be a good day for the party---we would have recovered from New Year's Eve and it's the day before the Beach Party...... Here's my email: allen2569@att.net

Thanks and hope to see you on SSB!