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    Default Question about Sunset Bar Trip from CSA

    Does CSA still offer a trip to a "sunset bar"? If it does, what night does it happen (this part's important, since we're not there for a whole week)? Finally, is it still a trip to The Sands at The Caves resort?

    Thanks in advance for any information; we're less than 30 days away, and can't wait! -- Rick

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    Anyone know what they do currently?

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    Default Sunset bar trip from CSA?

    Good question! Thanks for asking and I'm curious as to the answer so I'll stay tuned...

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    It was Sands in february & well worth the trip . Only 4 of us went but it is a great place.Sadly can't remember the night (think they go twice a week).

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    Do they drive you there or take the boat? We wanted to do it when we were there but couldn't find any info on it. We didn't even know about the shopping trip until we met a couple that went. It seems like more of that would be in your check in packet.

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    Check in packet?

    Is that something new. I've been to Couples 3 times and don't remember a check in packet.

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    Does anyone have any more info on this excursion?? Would really like to know if they still have it, what night, and what place?

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