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    Default August 9th - 13th

    Good Morning to all,
    With only 3 and a half weeks to go, I was wondering who will be coming "HOME" within those dates? We are both from Baltimore, Maryland and are the Grand Facliltators of Partying. We have one rule " If you cant run with the Big Dogs, its best to keep your butt on the porch! I am 29 and my better half is turning 24 on Monday the 10th. So, when you see the Beyonce/Justin timberlake couple, say Whats Up! Dont worry we will be bringing Grey Goose and Patrone. Beach Party on Monday night and trying to set up a B-day party on Tues. Night... All are invited.... See- Ya

    JR. Shupe

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    Which Couples are you guys going to?

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    My husband and I will be at CTI Aug 8-16!! My husband and I are both 24 and will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary. Do you guys plan on checking out the island? It is definitley the place to be. We have so much fun when we are out there. Hope we get to meet you guys.

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    Default Aug 9th - 13th

    I will be staying at CTI. Hope to see everyone there ! 2 weeks and counting!!!!!

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