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    Default September 2010 Meet-Up

    Hey All -

    I noticed a couple threads for September thus far but they are date specific so I figured it may be nice to have a general September meet-up thread

    My boyfriend and I will be hading to Couples Sept 17 - 26th. We are in our thirties and currently living in Brooklyn NY. Previous to this we lived in Chicago and I am actually from Toronto Canada.

    We love Couples and went to CN last November and are checking out CSS this year in September and already have trip booked for Feb 2011 as well.

    We are friendly and fun people. Have jobs in advertising/web site design. Love to play cards and love meeting new people while travelling!

    Counting the days till September. Also hoping the weather is good but would love to see a storm role in one day too (staying in beach front veranda suite).

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Tasha and Ahren
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    Default GenelleandTom Sept.21st-28th

    Hi there..we are 1st timers to Couples going to CSA for our Honeymoon..we are older than you two and are from Iowa, but young at heart. My fiance's family is from and lives in Chicago..he's a diehard Cubs fan. Looks like we overlap half of our trip with yours would love to hook-up for a drink at least. Tom is sales and I am newly a housewife due to health issues. But we are so looking forward to Jamaica..well deserved break after wedding and treatments!! Genelle&Tom

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    1st timers here too...honeymooning from the 7th until the 13th! Can't hardly wait!

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    Have FUN sassypants please post when you get back...we'll be following you! My fiance is a little worried about weather??

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    Hey Genelle -

    Great to hear from you - Congrats on the wedding - and honeymoon as well! We would love to meet up for a drink. We are still counting the days till we depart (well at least I am!). I may be driving my boyfriend slightly bananas with the daily countdown updates.

    My boyfriend is excited to meet up with other midwesterners - he really misses it.
    You know what we look like, but once we get to the resort we can update this thread and figure out where to grab a drink. I stayed at CN last year and it was much smaller, and more intimate, so you just sorta knew everyone at the resort - but I know CSA is a lot bigger so I don't know if we will just naturally run into each other. Either way when we arrive or when you do, we will update this thread.

    I wouldn't worry about weather too much either. My boyfriend and I went last year at the end of rainy season and it was still fantastic. Basically it would be beautiful all morning and in the afternoon around 2 - everyday it would rain for about an hour - sometimes it would stay a little cloudy for part of the afternoon afterwards, but then the sun would always come back out. It was actually a nice break in the day - as I personally find it impossible to sit out in the hot Jamaica sun all day long. For us it was nice because it actually forced us to get up a little earlier.

    Last year as well we did an awesome excursion I would totally recommend. It was a three part excursion where we went for a "cruise" down the Black River and got to see all the vegetation and crocodiles. We even saw locals swimming just feet from where we were feeding the crocs. It was amazing. Then they took us to YS falls where we actually got to go into the water and take pics in the waterfall. It was freezing but worth it. And lastly we went on the Appleton Rum Tour which was the perfect cap to the perfect day. the only really annoying thing about the trip is its about 4 hours of driving all together, but it also takes you through the country side of jamaica - which is incredibly beautiful. We are probably going to do another excursion this year but will wait till we get to CSA to book it. I don't know if you guys are interested in these day trips but here's a site I usually check out.

    Anyway great to hear from you too Sassypant. Looks like we will miss you by a couple days - Definitely keep us posted on weather And I hope you thoroughly enjoy your honeymoon. Maybe we will meet up one day on a future trip!

    And Genelle and Tom we look forward to meeting you guys.


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    Tasha good to hear from you ..I was worried reread your original post and thought you might've been headed to CSS! But it is CSA right?
    I too am driving Tom bananas!! He asked if I had some kind of addiction. We will take our laptop so I can check in..I will try to post a photo too soon. If we met you right now you would know who we were immediatly...because I'm fighting stage IV breast cancer that has metz. to bone..but I'm winning for now so they are giving me 3months off my chemo so hopefully I won't be bald by September!! We usually do take advantage of excursions, and some pretty wild ones in Mexico where we have been going the last 5years.We are really ready for a change. I'm also excited that some small excursion type trips are included...I suppose really it depends on how much dough I blow on this wedding!!!HAHA I'm not that concerned asTom about the weather, but when we were in Mexico last November Tom was trying to purpose on the beach and it rained side-ways for 4-5 days!!Hopefully you won't know that were from the midwest by the way we look either haha!! We are booked for Oceanview verandah so we'll probably run into you sometime!! Chat later!

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    Me & my boyfriend will be there Sept 5-12th... first timers & SOOOOOO excited!

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    Hey Tasha and Ahren we are going to be there the 20th through the 27th on our honeymoon and would love to meet up for drinks or something. My fiance and I are both 30 and enjoy a good time.

    PS LOVE the shoulder work, very nice!

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    sorry posted twice
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    Hey Tasha and Michiganwoman...we are only a few weeks away!! Counting the days!!

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    Hey guys - only 20 days for us! So excited. Genelle when is your wedding again - you must be superbusy. I'm sure Sept will fly by for you

    MW we should definitely all grab drinks. Ahren says thanks for the should compliments. He only has one more session to go. It's actually been a four year work in progress. We actually fly to Toronto once a year to have it worked on. i love it cause I stay downtown and shop for three days

    Is this your first time going to couples?

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    We are so freakin excited, both about the trip and the wedding. I know I am jumping the gun but I am pretty much all packed...I am such a geek :-) We am hoping to make some new friends and enjoy some GREAT times......

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    Default too....i already had the list put together almost two months ago! Are you guys bringing a computer with you?

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    This is our first time anywhere and I don't think he wants to bring his computer. It has enough issues I don't think we need to give it anymore....

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    We'll be arriving in exactly 2 weeks! Man, I can't wait. See everyone at the swim-up bar! Drinks are on me on 18 September for my 30th birthday! I'll be the one in the Nebraska Cornhuskers hat!

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    jenpatrick - if we see you we will take you up on your offer :-) HAHAHA Happy 30th Birthday!!!

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    Hey, jenpatrick! Where are you from? We live in Lincoln and are highly anticipating this Husker football season! We don't get to CSA until Sept. 24th so we will miss you. Is this your first time there? You will have to let us know how it is. Three weeks and counting! Time for a vacation.

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    We live in the Kansas City area. I (Patrick) went to UNL before joining the Army as a young lad but my Grandpa, who lives in Lincoln raised me to be a Cornhusker since the day I was born.

    We were married at CSA in July of 08 so this is our second trip. I am a bit upset to miss the Washington game on the 18th (my birthday) but being at couples is worth it. As a matter of fact, its about the only thing I'd miss a game for.

    285 Hours til CSA. 33 until Husker Kickoff!

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    Say Hi if you see us! Looking forward to meeting the Wolverines (and Spartans) every year when Nebraska joins the Big 10(+2)

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    Maze and Blue all the WAY!!! Easy way to spot us, my fiance is skinny as all get out and has several tattoos on his body as well as pierced nipples (what can I say he enjoys pain) and I have a monkey tattoo on my shoulder for my son and I would say I am curvy :-)

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    Hey jamaicalove welcome to the big ten(+2) we are Hawkeye fans and we will be at CSA the first aprt of your trip we leave on the 28th my fiance would love to talk football with some Husker fans. Oh by the way i was born in Licoln too. We'll look for you,our last name is Valentine!!

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    Default Will be @ CSA Sept 17-26th

    Hey there!!! we will be there too sept 17th-26th!!! My husband and I are 29 and 31, and are from Saint Louis, Missouri. We would love to make new friends in Jamaica and share some cocktails. I am driving all of my facebook friends crazy with my constant countdowns, lol. We are big kids and can't wait to live it up in Jamaica, our first time there. Lin and Christian

    PS I tried to upload a pic, but I must be retarded. LOL. I think I would recognize that tat! email me @ and we can meet up on facebook.

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    oh, yeah, and my husband christian is a huskers fan, we have family in Lincoln NE

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    Linerd744 - we will keep an eye out for ya! 12 days and counting down for us!!!!

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    Hi everyone!
    My husband and I will be returning to CSA from the 18-25. Looking forward to meeting so many of you...looks like we have things in common with all of you...we are celebrating Ben's Birthday, I am a web designer, Ben is in sales, are coming from the midwest (Springfield, MO), deserve and need this vacation after the stressful summer we have had, love playing cards, and one of our favorite parts of traveling to CSA is the new resort friends we meet every year.

    Look for us, we will be the tall ones (me being 6' and Ben at 6'5"). Because the drinks are included, we can't buy you a drink but we can at least go get the first round.

    jenpatrick we arrive on the 18th but should be on resort by early afternoon. We will try and make it to the swim-up bar to order you a Bob Marley Shot be for you get to over served. After all, a Bob Marley Shot is a must on your birthday. But from personal experience, I only recommend having one. OK, Maybe two.

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