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    I'm getting married at CSA next May 2011 and I'm really having trouble deciding on a photographer. Myself and fiance are a young couple fresh out of college so we can't afford really expensive photos, but photos are a very important part of our special day. So could anyone give me insight on their experience with the resort photogtapher and post pics if possible. Then also, do you get all the pics taking on a cd plus the 24 or 36 in an album that you want printed or is it that you can only pick the 24 or 36 pics total that you like? Can I please get clarification on this, as the answers thus far have varied greatly.

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    Good luck
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    I got married at CN in November 2009 and used the resort photographer.

    Let me clear this up for you...You do NOT get a CD with all of the photos taken that have an appointment the next day to view all of the photos that the resort photographer takes and you select the photos you want on your CD. I chose 43 total photos. The ones over 36 cost $7 each. I did not have an album printed. I had my own photos printed at home and they came out gorgeous.

    If you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy to answer them. You can e-mail me at

    Congrats on your upcoming weddings

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    thanks dandub for your post! I think there's alot of miss info about the CD!!!

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    We got these photos in a beautiful scrapbook of 5 x 7 and a CD for the smallest package price of $350.00.
    The resort photographer was terrific and we had over 200 photos to choose our favorites from.
    Here is a link to our photos:

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    Thanks dandpdub for clarifying this issue. It is greatly appreciated. We decided to go with the resort photographer/videographer after reviewing the pics and wedding videos of other weddings here on the MB. Thank God for MB!!!

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