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    Default CSA Wedding Photos!!!

    I am getting married in Dec.2010 at CSA, wondering if anyone can PLEASE post pictures who has used the resort photographer? THANK YOU

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    You can see my pictures from the resort photographer at We had our wedding at sunset but it started to rain on us and some of the photos are done at night because we lost the sun waiting on the rain. He offered to take more pictures of us the next day in our wedding attire but we had a full day planned with our guests and were okay with what we got.

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    Do you remember the name of your photographer? Your pictures are gorgeous!

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    Yes your pictures are gorgeous! What was the name of the resort photographer and did all those pics come with the package or were those extra that you took yourself?

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    Resort photos!!! He was fabulous!! We had over 200 photos to choose from and these our the favorites!

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    Wow dmccorm, your cake looks absolutely tasty. Beautiful pics. Your wedding looked very intimate.

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    my question / problem is that is there a way, and what is the cost associated in getting more than just the 36 pictures alotted...???...if we want more than just the 36 with the package we would go with, how do we go about this, and will it be very expensive, and is it even possible at all......all we get is 36, and if we go with an outside photographer for only an extra $500 we get 200-300 photos plus a dvd of our ceremony, plus the slideshow of all of our i have still not seen anyone post a link to the ceremony recorded by the resort so i dont know what the quality is like other than the regular pictures......

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    If you go over the alloted amount, then it is $7 per picture....

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    Beacher5778- to view a really good wedding video by the resort videographer, go to "Our weddings" and type in "Meg & Bill Tied de Knot - CN, June 12, 2010" and review their wedding video. It was really beautiful. I was sold, so we have decided to use the resort photographer/videographer for our wedding May 2011. Hope this helps!

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