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    Default When should we return?

    My husband and I first visited CSS in April of this year and fell in love...with the resort and with each other all over again. About 3 weeks after returning home from paradise, we found out we're pregnant and I'm due January 17th! We were planning to come back in October, but I think we're going to hold off until the baby is born. So, my question is for all of you who have children....what is an appropriate amount of time to wait before vacationing after a baby is born? My husband seems to think that if the baby is born in January it's perfectly ok to return to CSS in April. Is this too soon? I don't want people judging me for leaving my newborn baby w/ the grandparents so we can go parading around Jamaica. Any advice?? Thanks!

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    I don’t think people will or should judge you for leaving your baby for a week. They will be left with a caring family member and you can always check in via email/Skype or phone. My son will be two by the time we go to CSA for the first time next April, but if we would have had the money, we would have made our trip sooner.

    My only advice is that if you are going to breastfeed your baby, make sure you have plenty of milk stored up for the week you are going to be gone. It will be very hard leaving your baby for a week, but just remember that this will give the grandparents time to bond with their grandbaby.

    You will be fine!

    Erin & Patrick

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    Depends on weather you are nursing. Personally I have dragged my pump all over the world (Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, France - try explaining what that it is when you don't speak the language). The Mexico trip was a bachelorette party when my LO was almost 5 months - it was a real pain to head back to the room every couple of hours but we were only there for 3 days so it was tolerable. I would hesitate to take a long trip if you are nursing because can affect your supply.

    If you go with the bottle I guess it depends on when you feel comfortable and when you can get someone to agree to stay with the baby. DH and I went to Jamaica for a week when LO was almost 11 months old and weaned. He was sleeping 10 - 11 hours a night by then so it did not feel like an imposition to ask GPs to stay.


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    Congratulations on your pregnancy. My advice would be - who cares what anyone thinks! If you're lucky enough to take a vacation 3 months after the baby is born, go for it! It's very important for you and your husband to continue taking vacations with just the two of you. You'll probably REALLY need to get away, too. Good luck with everything.

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