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    I will be returning "home" in November and would like to bring gifts for some of the staff that we meet and got to know well on our last visit and would like to know any sugggestions on what kind of gifts would be appropriate. For example: chocolate, jewelry etc.

    Nothing extravagant but just a little something.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.



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    The female staff likes nail polish. It is easy to pack(and it's expensive in Jamaica). We just returned from CTI.
    FYI: They are getting stricter with gifts to the staff. You must include a note with any gift and have it signed by management. Mr. Henry was very gracious about signing our notes.

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    Oh - this is new... When at CSS, do we need to make an appt. with the GM to have a group of notes signed? We are also coming home in late November and had planned to bring a few things to our favourite staff.
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    What is the note? Do you have to put someone's name on it or what is on the note? How big of a deal is it to get management to sign off on it? Why are gifts such a big deal there? Sorry for all the questions...

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    I don't know why the change or if it is just at CTI. Since tipping is not allowed we usually bring school supplies, chocolate and maybe small thank you gifts such as cosmetics (hand lotion, nail polish etc) for some of our favorite staff. We have always included a thank you note indicating the item was a gift, our name and room number. This trip we brought a birthday gift for one of the staff's children and she told us that the note needed to be signed by a manager. We wanted to say hello to Mr. Henry while we were there anyway so we just called the front desk to see if he was in. He met us in the lobby. He was very gracious about signing our thank you note. He just said the staff needs a note when taking items off the resort. I'm sure it's just a precaution against an employee being accused of theft. Management needs to know that it is truly a gift. Maybe there was a problem in the past or some gifts were too extravagant? I'm not sure. Remember that the best way you can show appreciation to a staff member is to mention them by name on the comments card as you leave the resort! Gifts are by no means required or expected. We have become friends with a certain staff member on repeat trips and that is why we brought a gift for her daughter.

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    Make sure you leave a note. The cleaning staff and turn down service will not take a gift without a note. We left out chocolate every night on the bed and the turn down service did not take it until we left a note. Make sure to ask for their names and tell them if they are doing a great job. You can always mention their names on the exit survey when you check out.

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