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    Default Questins abou CSS

    This past February was my first trip to Jamaica and Couples. My husband and I stayed at CSA in February and we loved it! One of the reasons of why we chose it was because I read so many comments on how great the beach was. Also, my husband loved to work out and we enjoyed the gym. I actually I enjoyed getting smoothies at the health bar more, but my husband loved that he had a full gym to work out in every day. We also loved the Jamaican people and culture. We stayed 2 days at the Rockhouse in Negril so we could get off the resort a little bit and experience the local culture.

    We decided that we would love to come back to Jamaica, but would like to see another area. So my question is would we like CSS? The pictures of the resort look amazing. We go on vacation to have alone time and my husband just needs to relax. He spends a lot of time sleeping in a lounge chair. (He's a medical resident and it extremely over-worked) My only issue is that the beach looked very small and not as pretty as the one at CSA. Has anyone been to both? Would we really miss the beautiful beach? I would like to try to make a decision by the end of the month so that we could get the $500 resort credit. Thank you in advance for any advice!

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    We have not been to CSA, however we are 5 time repeater to CSS. The gym there is amazing, over looking the ocean right on the cliffs. The mineral pool is right along side the gym. The smoothie bar is there also. You can relax by the pool drinking your smoothie while your hubby works out. The beach is smaller than CSA but you mentioned you like to relax, it is very secluded. No one will bother you. If you choose CSS you will not regret it.

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    lorib49 - We have been to both, love CSS so much more, and could give you a good comparison of both! Write to us at and we'll send you lots of information, and pictures from our 2 trips to CSS, if you'd like!

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    We have been to CSA and CSS and loved them both for different reasons. Yes, the beach is smaller at CSS, but we liked that there weren't any vendors disturbing our time. However, if you adore long walks on the beach, then CSS definitely is not for you.

    We also like to work out and liked the gym at CSS - air conditioned, lots of equipment, and with TVs!

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    Here are some photos of the gym at CSS. It looks out to the ocean.

    There is also a long jogging and bike trail that runs around the beautiful pond behind A-Block.
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    In my opinion, yes, you will miss the beach at CSA. I've been to both CSA and CSS. 6x to CSA, 2x to CSS. While CSS is a beautiful resort I'll only go there as part of a split trip with CSA. I take advantage of what CSS does have to offer but put off any serious beach time until I get to CSA. If beach and fitness center are important to you stick with CSA.

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    Default css/ csa

    We have had 3 trips to CSA - and absolutely love it --- especially the beach! We have been to CSS just once so far - but our next trip is booked to CSS - and we also love it and are looking forward to going back. They are two very different resorts - but both beautiful. No question that the beach at CSA is more beautiful because of that powdered sugar sandy beach. However CSA's beaches (regular and A/N) are both pretty. The gym facilities are also better at CSA but there is a gym on the ocean at CSS. There are more little nooks and crannies and hideaways at CSS - with much more lush vegetation and overall a more interesting and varied property on multiple levels. At CSA we love to stay in a beachfront verandah suite and sit on the balcony and enjoy the beach and ocean..or just walk out a few steps to the beach. The beachfront suite at CSS was nice - but was a bit more like a regular hotel room suite than the casual wooden ambiance of the BVS at CSA. I think of the two I will probably always favour CSA - mostly because of the beach and being able to hang out on the verandah on the beach. However, it's nice to mix it up and CSS is lovely.

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    We've been to both - 4 times to CSA and once to CSS.

    The honest truth, in my opinion, about the beach is that it IS smaller and it IS less pretty. The sand is also not powdery - more gritty (and then muddy out in the water). It is nothing like CSA's beach.

    Everything else about the resort is wonderful, particularly the spa, but if you fell in love with CSA's beach, you might be disappointed as CSS.

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    We have stayed at both CSS and CSA. Both have a different, but enjoyable, atmosphere. The beach at CSS is not as large as that at CSA, but it is a private beach which means you won't have the peddlers roaming the beach selling their wares. The sand is not the soft white but isn't rocky either. The gym is nice...sitting below the workout pavilion. Where CSA is more spread out, CSS is built into cliffs so there is plenty of room to explore with tropical plants giving a lush, secluded feeling. The people in Ocho Rios (and CSS) are very friendly and more willing to satisfy your needs than those in Negril. Neither is bad by any means...just a different culture to adjust to. In our humble opinion both resorts are fabulous and you would enjoy the relaxed atmoshpere of CSS as much as the beauty of CSA. Here are some pictures we took this year of both CSA and CSS so you can do a little comparison: And here are some pictures of CSS from '09: Hopefully this helps you with your decision!

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    We're going the other way around... we went to CSS first and now we're going to CSA. I'm really excited about the beach at CSA!!! Yes, the beach at CSS is small. but it's still beautiful.

    However, what the beach lacks, the grounds and atmosphere at CSS more than make up for. It is like a giant botanical garden! Very beautiful, very peaceful. Annnd the health smoothies from the smoothie bar are to DIE for!

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    We have been to CN many times and CSS once.

    We are beach people also. The beach at CSS is "ok". The rooms and the grounds are spectacular.

    SSB at CSS is our favorite c/o.

    We like the rooms better at CSS

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