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    Default DVD Players in CN?

    Ok this is not for the reason some may imagine.

    Due to time constraints in the islands and the fact that I want to work out and be done, I want to know if there is a DVD player to bring my 27 Minute hotel workout plan. Gets me working hard enough to feel it, but not so much that I will need much recovery.

    I know there is a gym or workout facilities, but I kind of get overwhelmed by it all when I am in a gym with different equipment.

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    We stayed in block 1 in room 1207 (LOVED IT) and we did not have a DVD player -- to my knowledge, none of the guest rooms have DVD players. You will have an iPod docking station though.

    Perhaps you could bring a portable DVD player for your private workout sessions.


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    There are not any DVD players in the rooms, but one thing you might think about is that the floors are tile and wouldn't be real comfortable for moving around on.
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    Hi Rayinpa- Just got back from CN, we brought some CD's and found out they only had IPOD Decks in the room. Called the front desk and within 10 minutes an employee was knocking at our door with a CD Player in there hand.

    It don't get any better than CN

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    Thanks all.

    Maybe I will just venture off to this fitness center I read about.

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