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    Default Whats happened at Pallazina - CSS

    Hi Guys

    Just returned from CSS and as always, its as wonderful as ever.Everyone made us welcome including "The Boss". We had a great fortnight BUT just one disappointment - what has happened at Pallazina?

    Gone is the french influence of the meals and the great ambience of this wonderful restaurant. I got the impression that things have dropped a bit since 07 and 08 and only hope it will return to normal in 2010. It does make the two weeks difficult at the excellent fare at Cassanova can only be experienced so many times.

    I dont like to complain because CSS is absolute heaven and always will be, but please, please, can we return to the dreams of yesteryear?

    Are there any others out there feeling the disappointment?

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    I'm afraid I don't have an opinion for you, as we've not been since the changes, but I was hoping that perhaps you could elaborate on the changes that have been made. I loved the "old" Palazzina, so I'm sure I'll be slightly disappointed if they continue making it more casual (as that sounds like what happened), but I will of course keep an open mind.

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    We were just there in May & had never been to CSS before so am not able to compare Pallazina to the way it used to be but will say that we did not care for it at all. Tried it the 2nd night there & never went back. Breakfast & lunch were great but dinner was very disappointing. Also, we did not care for the food at the repeater's dinner held there either. Wish that CSS had more options for dinner because we struggled with that.

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    We were at CSS in early July. We enjoyed Palazzini, however we did notice the food choices were limited. I did make a suggestion on the comment card at check out, to offer nightly specials and get more of a variety on the menu. The nightly specials should not be a hard thing to do.

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    Having enjoyed the food, service and menu in the past we found the menu limited this time and the quality was just not the same.

    Whilst Cassanova always took some beating Pallazina was a close second with its selection and service.

    This time around they have taken away the continental feel and we thought things both food and service were rushed. I think they need a good Maitre D who leads by example, not shouting at the staff, is prepared to ensure everthing is as it shoudl be and checks to ensure all is good.

    It would be better to recreate the ambience, not necessarily a bigger menu, but one that provokes the quality of CSS. If they were to perhaps have a good selection so that you can choose either carribean or french or italian food for thr whole menu selected then that would be great but it was very bitty.

    I spoke to Mr Battaglia about it and he did say changes were planned and the feedback from my mails have been answered positively. Lets hope by our return in 2010 its changed for the better.

    Italian would be a good choice with supportive menus, decor and background music - any views?

    Breakfasts I am sad to say were the same with sometimes no milk, juice and on two occasions we had to collect our own coffee! Not big issues but for some could be a major irritation. As I have said, it did not spoil the overall holiday but made choices a little limited.

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    Thanks for the clarification. I understand what you mean about being disappointed but it not being a deal-breaker. It sounds (though I'm completely speculating here) that they may have had some staff changes, which would make sense with the re-opening of CTI and the general economic upheaval. If that's the case, there's always bound to be a breaking-in period. Also, if these were planned changes, not everything always turns out to be for the better when viewed in hindsight.

    That said, I'm glad that CSS is open, as always, to guest comments and willing to change.

    Still looking forward to November as much as ever!

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    Pierre B. is a great guy, and CSS rocks.

    On our past two vists to CSS, one of our few minor complaints was with the service at Pallazina. The servers always seemed in a big hurry to collect your plates. We finally got tired of feeling rushed at breakfast and just started bringing our meals back to our veranda so we could relax. I have to say, Pallazina may be the only place in Jamaica where I've ever seen people in a hurry. LOL

    By contrast, we always have great, unrushed and personal service at Bella Vista. The waiters there are very nice and they never make you feel rushed at all. Plus, they have the great live Mento band playing as you dine, with the gentle waves lapping at your toes. What's not to like ? We usually have dinner there as we prefer Jamaican food to French or Italian cuisine anyhow. I think Pallazina needs a little re- tooling.

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    Haven't been to the Pallazina for dinner yet, but we attended the repeaters' dinner tonight. The food was wonderful and the staff was entertaining. We were very glad to have decided to attend.

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    Hmmmm it was great last December. Great food and service. This must be a recent thing I guess. Well Mr. B will take care of it. I find he's a very shrewd business man and Couples is lucky to have him.
    Shari & James
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