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    Default CSA shoe question

    OK. I'm a shoe person. I have more than two dozen pair of sneakers, good for almost all occasions.

    That said, my dress shoe stable is a little light. One pair of black, one pair of brown ... both for work, both very nice.

    But, both are a little too dressy for vacation ... especially with linen pants and the like.

    What is the policy at swept away? I can bring pairs of eccos, but I know for certain that white chuck taylors would work better with the linen "evening wear" I have for vacation.

    Any advice would be appreciated. If they're going to deny entry to a restaurant for wearing clean, canvas or suede shoes, let me know.

    I'll feel less put together with the work shoes, but I'll bring them if I have to (or I'll pick up a pair to compromise).

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    A divine dining diversion. Negril’s finest award winning gourmet restaurant offers continental cuisine with a distinctly Caribbean flair.

    Reservations required.
    Required Dress Code for ladies is "semi-formal".
    For gentlemen: collar shirt, dress long pants (no jeans/ denim), dress shoes / closed shoes.
    Daily 6:30pm – 9:00pm

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    what doesnt go with a pair of white chucks? strip away the laces first then you will be stylin for sure

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    I'm assuming you are a gentleman, from reading your message. lol I am sure that they will not turn you away if you are wearing a cleaning respectable outfit. We went last year and my finace' wore flip flops with his nice khakis and button down shirt and he was fine. No one really stares are your feet. Use your discretion i would say. HOpe that helps.

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    I can tell you that men can/will be turned away at Feathers if you arrive in "flip flops" or open toed sandals. Any type of closed toe shoe is acceptable. My husband has also been allowed to wear leather sandals that have a closed toe and a strap around the heel area.

    Take my advice - don't show up in inappropriate foot wear. You will not be seated.


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    The service and the food at Feathers is outstanding,I am a shorts and T-shirt guy but wearing slacks,a button down light weight collared shirt and dress shoes was not a big deal and it made the evening meal a bit special. The restaurant is nicely air conditioned so comfort was not an issue either.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    I'm going with the chucks ... with some emergency dress shoes in the suitcase as well.

    To set the record straight, I'm not a black jean cut-offs, tazmanian devil tank-top and grass-stained sneakers kind of guy. I can present myself appropriately. But, when possible, I prefer to complete my outfit with a pair of sneakers, as opposed to dress shoes.

    Trust me, my wife (who uses this screen name as well) often ridicules me for both my neuroses about dressing properly and my passion for sneakers.

    I just prefer to be "properly dressed" my own way. That will fly some places ... others, not so much.

    Thanks again.

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