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    Default Too late for REWARDS credit?

    We stayed at CTI in March for the first time. I signed up for Romance Rewards online before we went. I didn't realize I had to give the front desk my card for the stay to be credited.

    Is there any way I can still get credit for our stay in March?

    BTW--They should ask you at the front desk if you are a rewards member. Most people checkout at the crack of dawn and are not even thinking about rewards credits---I was thinking about coffee and the day of travel ahead of me.

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    I always write my Romance Rewards number on the form we're given to fill out at check-in. You don't need to give your card to anyone, and Couples has decided to no longer issue cards, just account numbers.

    Send an email to Sean Russell at He'll help you and ensure that you receive credit for your stay.
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    The same thing happened to us. We stayed at CTI in April. I did not give my details at the desk when we arrived and then discovered I should have when I got home. I then emailed the resort, explained what happened and my account was then credited with the 7 nights.

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