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    I have a question on how you pay for spa services. If I was going to get my hair braided or use any of the spa services, can you charge this to your room or do they want separate payment to them? Also, what is the pricing for hair braiding?

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    We charge the spa services to our room but take cash tothe spa with us for tipping. Can't help you on the prices.
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    I have a question along the same lines.

    I'm getting married at CN and would like to have my hair done up real simple with a few flowers. I know the flowers are extra, but how much is a simple hair style (curlthe layers and add flowers)?? The wedding packages for the bride include maincure and pedicure, but the whole package is approx. $130!!!

    Also...for mrsjackson, I'm pretty sure you are expected to tip the salon staff. As far as I understand, the spa/salon charges can be charged to your room and if you have the $500 credit it can be applied to this.

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    Spa services can be charged to your room. However- you should bring cash for a tip. You should tip for your services at the Spa.

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    Here is the link to the spa services for CN. Each resorts spa services are listed under the resorts tab on the left hand side toward the bottom:

    All spa services must be charged toward your room as the resort has gone cashless. Tips will need to be paid in cash to the spa employees.
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