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    Default Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all. I will be working Sunday so i wanted to send a shout out to all the Dad'a out there.

    May your day be special.


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    crabracers Guest


    Of all things that I have done in my life, being a dad has been the most rewarding and inspirational accomplishment. And when my daughter first called me "Daddy", it opened a floodgate of troubled and conflicting emotions that I had for my father. Some time later on, it may have been weeks or months or more, my father and I went fishing at a pond we used to go to when I was very young. It was there that quiet summer afternoon, that I was able to confront my father and tell him things that I never thought I would.
    All of that and so much more has been made clear to me when I became a daddy. It has been the single most wonderful things in my life.

    Indeed. Happy Fathers Day


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    Just wishing all the fathers out there an early Happy Father's Day!
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    Thanks Randy,and we are looking forward to our return trip to CSA in April of 2011.

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    DAD! The best word ever.

    Happy Fathers Day

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