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    Default Looks Around the Resort?

    Has anyone ever felt like or saw instances, where other people who have saw them on the nude beach (like strolling by, or looking over the hedge) look at them differently if they see them later on somewhere else on the resort? Just concern that we might see some people looking at us whispering, ridiculing us, or making snide comments to us if they have seen us on the nude beach. Would this be a valid concern?

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    Your on vacation, have fun and do what you want. Do not be concerned with what other people think. You go to couples to enjoy yourself and your better half. In my experience I have never had people at the resort talk about us or make comments. Just remember... in Jamaica everything is IRIE!

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    No and no, not a valid concern in our experience and opinion.

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    We had a large group of people who all met here on the MB all come together in 2006. Some of us used the An Natural beach others didn't. Of all of us who used the nude beach we never heard any comments or anything about the fact we were nude at some point. We all respected each other. We shared some laughs, had some drinks, made new friends and above all enjoyed our vacation.

    You will never hear anyone ridiculing you or making snide comments. It doesn't happen. We are all there for the same thing. To enjoy Jamaica.

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    Default no need to worry

    I would say that anyone walking by or peeking over a hedge, probably won't recognize your face anyhow. Most people are there for themselves, not to be nosy. Couples brings out the best in people.

    Funny story: Last year at CSS we were leaving the A/N beach. As we were walking past 'A' block to go back to our room, a lady on the second floor shouted my name. I said do I know you?, she pickup her beach cover-up and exposed herself and all her glory. At the same time my wife and I shouted "Oh, we recognize you now". There was another couple that saw her also, They were not an A/N couple, but found it very funny.

    As another post said, just enjoy yourself and be yourself.

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