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    Default Question about Romance Rewards

    Quick question about RR... do you get these benefits each time you come back or are they a one time reward? This will be our third trip to Couples and we currently are at the young love level, but after this trip, we'll be to the renewed love level. Just wondering what to expect.

    Can't wait to head back in just 57 short days!!

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    From the "Romance Rewards" section of this website.

    "Nights Stayed are cumulative. In order to maintain your membership level you must return for at least 7 nights within 2 calendar years. In order to be credited for the stay your Romance Rewards number must be inserted into your current reservation prior your check-out."

    Although it states a "within two calendar year" return visit, I beleive Management has increased this time frame to be five years. Can anyone verify that? Should the "Romance Rewards" page be updated?
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I think as long as you return within 5 years they keep adding the days to the rewards. We are at the top level, they soon add up.

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    The points (number of days stayed) accumulate with each visit to a Couples resort so you are always building to the next level and can use these at each visit to reward yourself for customer loyalty.

    Bart & Bug

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