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    My wife and I will be in CN June 17-24. How much cash do we need to bring? We do not PLAN on getting out of the resort much if at all, only for a few souveniers if need be. We may need a little cash for a long layover on the return trip home, but other than that we cant really think of anything. What is the average that folks bring along?

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    You are going to get a million different responses! Take what you are comfortable spending. We take at least $300 in small to medium bills nothing over 20's as change given will be in JA most of the time but here are some bare min.
    Porter at airport $1.00 per bag each way (not optional as they will have their hand out and tell you how many bags)
    Driver to and from Couples avg drive time is 1.5 hrs so tip accordingly some tip 5 dollars each way some tip more we normally tip 10 per person each way so 40 dollars in travel if they are good adjust accordingly
    Spa personel- depending if you use the services this will require tip although some say optional I believe a tip is required.
    Once on the resort it is truely no tipping so no monies needed there. These are the minimus if you venture off any it will be all non couples employees and tipping would be appreciated and expected. Hope this helps

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    We are headed to CSA in a few weeks. We tip a few dollars for bags and transfer driver $10.00 for the both of us. We tip the guys on the beach that come around and play music for you $5.00. The Spa of course and when we went on the Cat cruise they were accepting tips. We leave the resort daily as we love to get out and talk with the locals and shop the beach and explore so we do take a little extra cash. If you go to RICKS CAFE you will need cash. You are going to be so close to Ricks what a shame if you dont go and see it! Truly a fun plcae to sit and listen to some music and watch the cliff jumpers. Then again you dont "need" cash at Ricks if you dont want to eat or drink anything. It is free to get in and free to jump and watch the cliff divers jump!IN fact we go to Ricks watch the jumping then go next door to LTU bar and get a few cheap Red Stripes and eat for half the cost of Ricks. Most beach shops we take small bills and gift shops in the plaza (shopping trip) will take a credit card.

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    I always tip the bus guy $20 each way. Tip the massage girls $10. Porters $1 a bag.

    Other than that, I just bring spending cash for gifts and rum creme on the return trip. Plus at least $50 for food during travel.

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    We just returned from CN, June 2-9, and we spent about $250 which was mostly on souvenirs. We never left the resort. We only had to make one purchase from the gift shop for $7, which was charged to our room. At check out, you have the option of paying those charges on a credit card or with cash. We just paid with cash since it was such a small amount. However, if you make a lot of charges from the spa or gift shops, they conveniently only make you pay one lump charge onto your credit card if you choose to pay it that way so you only have to pay that pesky international transaction fee once. If you have enough time at the Montego Bay airport before you catch your flight out, you have tons of stores to shop in and buy t-shirts and almost the exact same souvenirs you will find at the resort for pretty much the same price or possibly even less.

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    Tips: We tipped the baggage guy at the airport $2 per bag, We tip the Shuttle bus driver between $10-20. We tip the Spa girls between $10-20 each. We upgraded our massage to 50 minutes and then got a second massage for 50 minutes. We bought a photo for $15.

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