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    Default any non US citizens go to Couples?

    My fiance is not a US citizen, but he is a legal alien to the US and has a 10 year visa. He is up for citizenship in less than 2 years.
    What I am wondering is, what does he have to do differently to get into Jamaica?
    I know that myself being a US citizen I just need the normal stuff: passport, ID, fill out paperwork for customs....

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    Check with the US State Department website for the correct procedure.

    IIRC, he'll need his national passport, plus his US Form I-551("green card" - I presume that's the "10 year visa" you speak of). The former gets him into Jamaica, the latter gets him back into the US.

    You don't say which country your fiancé has citizenship with, so you should also should check with the Jamaican Embassy in the US to see if he needs a tourist visa - US, Canadian, and UK citizens don't, but they might require it for other citizens of other countries.

    Hope this helps!
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    I think the biggest difference will be when you return to the U.S. There are different lines for citizens and non-citizens in U.S. Immigration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    There are different lines for American citizens and non-citizens in U.S. Immigration.
    The line we normally use upon returning to the states is for both "U.S. citizens and permanent residents". The latter are typically "green card" holders and they use this same line. Jagorham is probably correct that this is the case in question judging from the o.p.'s original description. I suppose it is possible there is some other, non-green card, 10 yr visa (H1B, etc.) but "up for citizenship in less than 2 years" likely means holding a green card.

    Jagorham has correctly pointed you to the information needed to determine entry requirements into Jamaica based on his national passport. If he is holding a green card, I'm sure he knows this, but check and double check that US immigration returns it when clearing immigration.

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    You need to check with the embassy of his country of citizenship to see what the requirements are for his entry into Jamaica. There are different rules for different countries in regards to if he needs a visa, etc. If he is from an EU country he shouldn't need anything besides his passport and US green card to get into Jamaica.
    On the way back, you'll both go in the same line...US citizens and US Residents go to together and he'll again just need his passport and green card.

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    Hi Suhrah; I have been a Green Card holder since 1998 and have gone to Jamaica 7 times. The only thing you need to worry about is to ensure you have your passport from your country of citizenship, that is valid for 6 months from your date of entry (Jamaica requirement - may have changed), and of course your Green Card to get back into the US. I am unsure where you are flying but Atlanta, Charlotta and Cincinnati have taken AWAY the separate line for Non Citizens - the separate line is if you need a VISA. My spouse and I are now "allowed" to go into the same line, which is nice as in past years it was rather comical going through Immigration. As noted above, ensure there are not additional Visa required by Jamaica. Enjoy paradise.
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    It depends on where he's from and what pasport he holds. We have UK passports and we don't do anything different and we don't need a visa(not sure if anybody does).

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    Thanks for the reponses

    He is from Mexico, and yes the 10 year visa I speak of is his green card. When he was first legalized his green card was only good for like a year or 2. But now his new one is good for 10 years, but he is allowed to apply for citizenship in about 2 years.

    I was just worried because he is not a US citizen yet....

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    According to the VisaHQ website:

    your fiancé won't need a visa to enter Jamaica as a tourist (90 days max). As noted before, just make sure he has his Mexico passport and US "green card" and you'll be fine.

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