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    Default Charlotte or Miami Airport

    Can people share the experiences of flying into Miami or Charlotte? We have always flown through Atlanta but I am finding a little cheaper/better flights connecting through Miami and Charlotte.


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    I connect through Charlotte quite frequently for work and vacation and have found it to be a very good airport for connections. It's not in the busy NE travel corridor, and during the winter, it rarely gets backed up with weather issues. Customs in Charlotte is very well set up.

    I have used Miami airport, but not as much as Charlotte. Miami can be a little crazy to get around, especially if you are returning through Miami.

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    Thank you. I had heard that Miami could be that way. I think Charlotte is the way we will go.

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    We've never been through Miami, but as BobandJudy alluded, I have heard that customs in Miami on the return can be a bit time consuming.

    We typically go through Charlotte. Last December we went through Atlanta. Even compared to Atlanta, Charlotte was a breeze. Being a smaller airport, it is easy to navigate and the customs process has been smooth for us every time (knock on wood). For us, we'd pick the Charlotte route more times than not.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Been through Charlotte twice, both very smooth trips. While don't have many other points of reference, I would recommend Charlotte. No problem mon. Enjoy your trip.

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    Yes - I vote for Charlotte. We chose that city because the flight times were good for us and we have had great experiences five times flying from there to Jamaica.

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    Charlotte is my favorite airport in the states. It's very new and modern and I've never had to wait or experience delays. Customs has always gone really smooth too. I've had one trip through Miami and it wasn't great. Houston either due to customs location a mile away from the terminals.

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    We went through Charlotte last Nov and we're going through there again this Nov on our return trip to Couples. Seemed that ATL had lots of delays. Customs was a breeze in Charlotte. Good luck!

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    Thank you everyone for your comments. Charlotte it will be.

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    We'e done both. Charloote is a small airport and you can get away with shorter layovers. Miami is fine but bigger and busier. If you chose Miami and you are checking bags make sure you have a good amount of time coming back.

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    We live in Jacksonville Fl and next time we are not coming through Miami returning...we would rather go way out of the way, Miami and Customs is a pain in the neck!
    You have to get off the plane, go through customs get your luggage, go back to customs and recheck your luggage before you board. You need plenty of time if you go through Miami..they are very unorganized.

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