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Thread: 4 more days!!!

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    Default 4 more days!!!

    I cannot believe the time is almost here to leave for CSS. We haven't been back to Jamaica since our honeymoon 5 years ago. I remember when we started our countdown at 350 last year, I never thought this week would come. Not sure renovating our entire kitchen the week before we go home was a good idea but at least it will be done and ready to use when we get home. We did excursions 6 out of 7 days the last time we were at CSA so this time, unless someone feels strongly about one, we won't be heading off the resort. June 18-26 here we come. Just praying I deal ok with leaving our 2 and 3 year olds at home!!

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    Have fun!!! Im so jealous!!!! My countdown is about 51 days at the moment... i can not wait!! I'm sure you wont have too much trouble leaving the kiddies home and spending some "alone" time together

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