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    Default CSA Atrium Room

    We are going to CSA in Sept to get married!!! Sept 15th!!
    As of now the Atrium rooms do not have mini bars, but we have heard they are getting them very soon, anybody else heard that?

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    Hi MichelleM,

    See my post titled "This just in: TV's and Minibars at CSA"

    Couples Resorts

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    Hi Michelle,

    Congrats! I noticed that u will getting married 9/15. That's our anniversary date. We will b staying @ CTI 09/2011 for our 10yr anniversary. The weather that day is usually very pleasant. Wish u the best of luck.

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    Default Great!!!

    Thank you so much, we just read it, that is awesome!! See you in Sept!!

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    Spice505...Happy 10 yr Anniversary Sept 15th, what a great day this will be for sure!!
    I really hope the weather is nice for us!!
    Hope you guys have a great time, maybe next year we can celebrate our anniversaries together!!

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