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    Default Couples Lounge at MBJ

    Are we able to go to the Lounge while waiting for our return flight back to the States? Sounds like dumb question, but can't seem to find the answer.

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    The Couples Lounge is in a different part of the airport, but you will have plenty to keep you busy if you have time to kill. There are lots of shops and and you will find a few places to eat as well.

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    The Couples Lounge is only available for incomming guest making a connection to the resort. Wishful thinking tho!

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    I was a bit disappointed that when we arrived last week, there was no Red Stripe available at the Couples Lounge. We had arrived at around 2:00 p.m. I'd read this before on a previous post - is this happening a lot?

    I was soooooooo ready for my 1st Red Stripe - it seems so much more refreshing when you are just arriving and have been in the immigration line forever.

    Some guy collected money from us to buy some to have on the bus. But it just wasn't the same (of course, I drank it anyways)

    Just wondering...

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    We arrived at 11:30 on a Friday and they handed my hubby a Red Stripe while I was in the Restroom.

    OP--No you can't, but that would be a great thing for Couples to possibly consider considering we have to be at the airport sooooo loooong before the flight. It would be nice to have soft drinks, snacks and beer.

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    We always hit one of the Margaritavilles in the airport. It's rough to have to pay for a Red Stripe, but getting the wallet out helps to ease us back into "reality".

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    Thanks for the answer although it kind of bums me out

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    Welcome back to the real world !

    The countdown to your next trip officially starts with that first Red Stripe that you have to pay for.

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