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    Default Jamaica’s saltwater Crocs

    I know Jamaica has crocs and salties. So where are the saltwater crocs? Moreover, has anyone ever seen a salty while visiting Couples? Has anyone seen one while swimming in the ocean or while snorkeling/diving?
    Mark & Sylvia

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    Last year we went in the black river safari and saw lots of crocs. But none ever in the ocean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizzymiz7 View Post
    Last year we went in the black river safari and saw lots of crocs. But none ever in the ocean.
    last year we were at a resort in the negril cliff and saw several people wear crocs to finer resturants we thought it was funny felt like we were in a hospital but the meal was good ...

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    Is the Black river safari close to CTI? Is this an excursion option at CTI? I don't remember seeing this as an experience available through the excursion desk; paid or included. I have never seen a croc in the wild and would love the opportunity.

    Sorry one more question:

    Is the safari too commercialized or are the crocs still in a natural environment or have they been turned into attractions?

    Thank you so much for the info.
    Mark & Sylvia

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    The safari was about an hour and a half from negril. It is near ys falls. Its probably about the same distance from ocho. And no the safari wasn't commercialized they still had them in their natural environment. It was pretty cool.

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    Thank you so much for the information. My wife and I are arriving on July 10th and we can't wait to be home again at Couples.
    Mark & Sylvia

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    The Black River is located on the south coast of Jamaica. Many tours will take you on the barge tour boat unless you book thru an off site service and the use of fishing boats.

    We used an off site service and went way up river past the bridge.

    Black River is about 1.5 hours ride from Negril. Sorry probably about 3 hours from Ocho Rios.

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