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    Default Going to CTI in August! First timer :-)


    Im Lorin! First post here. My new husband :-) and I are going to CTI August 18-23, 2010 and just have a few questions. Ive been reading the message boards and trip advisor for days now and am getting so excited to go! Just a few questions if you guys could weigh in iwth your expertise!


    1. It will be my husbands birthday, the day we arrive. When and where would be the appropriate/best place to mention this so we could possibly get something special if they do that kind of thing. We didnt book directly through the couples website.

    2. Ive read on here that they dont take requests for rooms, etc. but if we did in fact just want to make a mention of our request (without a guarantee we understand) for a room not on the ground floor, how and when should we go about that?

    3. Is there a building which is more central to everything than others?

    4. It seems that many people meet up at Couples and spend much of the day together. Please dont get me wrong, we are all for meeting friends but on vacation, we do like to have quite a bit of alone time to just be with each other. Also, I could be wrong but it seems like the staff push you to do "group" things- is that true? I wouldnt like that.

    5. Okay- whats the deal with tipping. We are FINE with tipping- they work so hard but we read about the policies against it but then i read such conflicting reviews. Some say, they are pushing you all over the place for tips and in many cases, wont get great service if you dont and others say thats not true. What IS the truth?

    6. If you are a first timer, but have signed up for the romance rewards long before you arrive, are you eligible for a day pass to CSS? Its not that clear.

    7. Are there pool/ping pong tables? just wondering :-)

    8. Can you guys tell me some favorite/memorable meals which you had at the "non" buffet restaurants.

    9. And lastly, can someone tell me about what the "gala" is?souns fun. dress code?? well miss the beach party since we wont be there on a monday- boooo hoo for us lol!

    Thanks so much everyone!
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    1. Upon arrival tell the front desk it is your husband's birthday and frequently they will prepare a special cake and deliver it at dinner. Since it will be on the same day as arrival, they might not be able to do it.

    2. Upon check-in, let the front desk know your room request and they will do their best. Otherwise, there is no way to make the request ahead of time.

    3. CTI is a very compact resort, so saying there is one building more central to others is relative. That being said, Bldg 3 is the main bldg.

    4. There are plenty of people who come just to spend time with their honey and don't socialize. Don't be concerned about that and the entertainment staff do NOT force anyone to participate in activities. They are very low key about letting guests know what activity is going on.

    5. Tipping is not allowed and employees will loose their job if found accepting tips. You do however: tip the baggage handlers at the airport, the shuttle driver to/from the airport, and spa personnel. If you take the catamaran cruise, they also expect a tip as they are not Couples employees. If you take any off-resort excursions, the drivers expect a tip.

    6. Yes, simply give the desk your RR number and you can book the trip over to CSS on the days allowed.

    7. Yes

    8. All the food is fabulous.

    9. The dress for the gala is similar to what you would wear to the reservation restaurant although some people will be in shorts. We always dress up at night and I wear a sundress while hubby wears slacks and a nice button-up shirt.
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    Juli pretty much covered all the bases. I would just add that for a meal, Bayside has a wonderful atmosphere. It's an open-air restaurant serving Asian-inspired food that's built out over the water set at the far end of the resort. Although some have complained of being bothered by bugs, we didn't have the problem the night we dined there.

    Or, if you are interested, you can pay an additional fee for a private dinner on the beach for just the two of you. Last I checked, it was $170. You can reserve it ahead of time or when you get there through the guest services desk. Here's a link, look for Private Dining. There were private dinners every night when we were there in April. They set up candles leading to the table for two and you have your own waiter. Very romantic!

    While you're at CTI, check out the veggie bar for lunch or a snack. Not only is the food great (and good for you), the ladies serving up the dishes are hilarious! There are fantastic smoothies at the veggie bar, too.

    But as Juli said, all the food is fabulous, and I found myself preferring the buffet because I could pick and choose exactly what and how much I wanted!


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    Thank you both so much! I think this answered it all!!

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