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    Default April VS. September

    My wife and I have been to CSS and CTI but we traveled in September when the resort was less full. We are thinking of booking an April 2011 vacation and were curious how busy the resorts are in April compared to September?? It always seem in September that the resorts were about 30% full

    any ideas??

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    IMO, the resorts r more full in April because of spring break. This is not just for Jamaica. I find this to be true for most resorts. The prices seem to b higher around that time. We were married in September so, we too tend to take many vacations around that time. I personally like September because, the weather is not real hot and the kids have gone back to school. The kids being n school is important for places where kids r allowed not Couples. People have a fear of traveling in September because, of hurricane season. We have traveled every September for the last 8 years and have never ran into a hurrican. I think if a place have less people, that give the staff more time to focus on my husband & I. (lol)

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    We've traveled in April & November/December (which are also low season like September is). Because of the way the resorts are laid out and the few rooms at each resort, even though the resort may be at capacity it still never feels crowded. Couples knows exactly how to react to whichever capacity they have, making each couple feel special. I wouldn't hesitate to book an April trip. The weather is very nice in April and there are incredible sunsets, especially in Negril.
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    spice505 ~ Spring Break really has no effect on Couples since they are for Couples only and out of the price range of most college students. Couples is way too calm for spring breakers. The only time you will notice the spring breakers is at the airport. The reason the price is higher in April is because it is high season, actually it is one step below high season as high season is December 25th - March 31st. That is peak travel time and the greatest demand and thus resorts can charge more for that time period. April can be very busy too as there is the price drop from High Season and still good weather. May begins the rainy season and then June starts hurricane season which lasts until November 30th.
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    We've been going twice a year - the 2nd week in April and the last week in October. It is less busy in the fall, but it has nothing to do with Spring Break. However, it is a bit less expensive in October than April.
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    Most JA resorts will be less full in september then april
    Schools are back in and it is hurricane season. That is probably why the rates are less in sept then april enjoy no mater what month you choose

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    "The kids being n school is important for places where kids r allowed not Couples". This was n my quote saying that it didn't matter about kids for Couples. My point was that April is just more busy for vacations than September.

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    While Spring Break may not effect Couples in the typical "Spring Break" manner, I am sure it has some effect. We have met lots of teachers and other school employees at Couples as well as parents who are able to come because the kids can go to g'parents etc. because they are out of school.

    That being said, we have been to CTI in July when the resort is at or near capacity and you would not know. Some of this might be due to the fact that CTI has so many excursions that people are out and about, but even getting reservations for dinner and excursions is not difficult. Although not recommended especially if you want something in particular, we have made dinner reservations the day that we want to go to 8 Rivers or Bayside. We don't like to have an itinerary when we travel to CTI. Too much relaxing to do!

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    We LOVE the month of April. The gentle warm trade winds blowing in.

    It doesn't matter if the resort is 100% capacity or not. You won't notice that much of a difference.

    We have been when it was 100% full and then not so full. So the issue of capacity should be a NON ISSUE.

    Spring break will only impact the resorts with adult couples and you would be hard pressed to find the wild spring break atmosphere floating about. It simply is not there. Maybe the teachers are but not the students.

    This April Fool would be hard pressed to give up this great month at CN.

    Keep in mind hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. Rates will drop to keep the room bookings up during this period.

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