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    Default Banana Stuffed French Toast!

    Does anyone know the recipe for the banana stuffed french toast. My husband and I went to CSA for our honeymoon in April. We fell in love with the breakfast! Would love to be able to make it for him here! thanks

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    Does anyone know if they have this at CN? If so we will be trying it.

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    I'm dying to try this when we make our first trip to CSA in November...they didn't have it at CTI...

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    Does anyone know if they have it at CSS

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    Oooooo. My favorite words to hear. Banana stuffed french toast. That’s with real whip cream of course.

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    Randy posted the recipe once, I thought I'd saved it but it seems to be gone now. Perhaps someone else saved it.
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    I'm not sure if the have it at CSS, but we could not risk not having it so we are going to stay at CSA again. Only 21 more days...
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    I didn't see the banana stuffed french toast at CSS or CN. I think it is a CSA exclusive.
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    We go to CN, and I have read so many times about this. I wish they had this at CN. I would love to try it. 181 days until paradise

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    did i miss this last year?? Dont remember it. Leaving in 2 weeks and I need to make sure I get to try it this time.

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    Default Randymon -- Banana French Toast


    My tastebuds have been titilated by the thought of Banana Stuffed French Toast. Now I am being told its not on the menu at CSS. Please tell me its not true and it is available. Pretty please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris&Denny View Post
    Does anyone know if they have this at CN?
    Quote Originally Posted by kazd View Post
    Does anyone know if they have it at CSS?
    No, it isn't available. At both CN and CSS, there is only one restaurant choice for breakfast, and that is the Cassava Terrace at CN and the Palazzina Restaurant at CSS. Both offer a breakfast buffet and a made-to-order station where you can order omelets and pancakes or waffles.

    At CSA, there are two restaurant options for breakfast: a breakfast buffet (similar to that at CN and CSS) at the Palms and an ala carte menu at Patois Patio. The banana stuffed French toast is offered at the latter.

    If you're staying at CSS, ask for some Scotch bonnet pepper in your omelet. So good!
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    Is that a look of “touch my french toast and I will kill you”… or, “look at what I have”?

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    Not having the Banana Stuffed French Toast at CSS was one of the major factors in deciding that a return trip to CSA was the right decision for us!

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    That sounds so freakin good hood... right now...omg

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    Do you think if we asked nicely they would make it for us at CSS.

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    Just got back from CN and they had it on the buffet a few times while we were there. Very good!

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    Excited to hear I might get my Banana Stuffed French Toast this October at CN. Missed it last year at CSS and thought I'd have to wait until our return trip to CSA in 2011 to partake again - sometimes good news comes from the silliest things!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post

    Is that a look of “touch my french toast and I will kill you”… or, “look at what I have”?

    That was the look that I had no clue that I was about to taste the best thing ever!

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    I'm surprised nobody has reposted the recipe, surely someone else besides me copied it. I do recall that it had rose water as one of the ingredients.
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