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    hellloooo! I'm not exactly concerned if this doesn't play out, because I want to stay in an Atrium Suite, but... our travel agent requested an upgrade and specified room 2222. Does anybody know what room type this would be??
    Less than two weeks (June 21) and my (soon-to-be) wife and I will be at CSA. We're newbs.

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    I wouldn't count on an upgrade or the specified room.

    Based upon availability, upgrades are offered to Romance Rewards (Couples' loyalty program) members who have stayed a minimum of 24 nights at Couples Resorts. Your various posts suggest that you'll be first-time guests. That your travel agent requested a free upgrade means nothing. We've stayed at the various Couples Resorts a total of 17 times; we have NEVER received a free upgrade.

    Further, due to the overwhelming number of people making specific room requests, Couples announced that it will no longer accept such advanced requests.

    From Randymon's May 3, 2010, post on the subject:

    Greetings to all:

    Please understand that we are unable accept any specific room, building, or floor requests in advance. Daily arrivals and departures prevent us from making any guarantees, and we do not want our guests starting their stays with us disappointed that a specific room, floor, or building has not been confirmed.

    Not only are we trying to avoid your disappointment, but our front desk staff is taking too much unwarranted heat from arriving guests who are unwilling to accept "I'm sorry, but it is not available" for an answer.

    We want your stay with us to be fantastic and memorable, AND we want our staff to look forward to the wonderful role they play everyday. As a result - and I am acknowledging that this will not stop the requests 100% - we will be rejecting and/or editing all future posts that appear to be requesting specific rooms, floors, or buildings.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    yep. I saw Randymon's post after I posted my thread. whoops.

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    Room #2222 is an Atrium Suite located just behind the main lobby.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    #2222 is an Atrium. But no worries - you'll get whichever Atrium is available when you check in. Randymon has stated that you or your TA cannot specify a specific room number prior to arrival. Relax and enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedBlueWater View Post
    Room #2222 is an Atrium Suite located just behind the main lobby.
    do this room have a tv and mini bar ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maywillcomehard View Post
    do this room have a tv and mini bar ?
    Currently there is no TV or minibar in any of the Atrium Suites. Couples anticipates minibars to be added to the Atrium Suites in July. At this time, there are no plans to add TV's to this room category.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We were at CSA in April and stayed in a Beachfront Suite. Glad to hear they're on target for putting mini-bars in the Atriums. We enjoyed having one on our last visit and will look forward to enjoying one in an Atrium Suite on our next visit. We're not TV junkies and liked not having one in the Beachfront so will be happy not to have one in an Atrium. There's other things to do in your room at CSA (wink, wink)!!!

    Bart & Bug

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