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Thread: Air Jamaica????

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    Default Air Jamaica????

    Has anyone heard any more about AJ? Haven't heard or seen anything since a post stating AJ hasn't been sold yet.

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    All things are still pending! I am sure once something has been finalized they will spread the word.

    The local newspapers will headline the news if an when it happens.

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    Watch out. We are flying to CSS from PHl in Dec. and Air Jamaica moved our flights back a day without notifying us. Luckily CSS was able to accommodate this change for us. So all is good we will just get there a day earlier, no problem with that. Keep your eye on your Air Jamaica reservations.

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    AJ did the same to us the week of Thanksgiving, but leaving Tuesday rather than the day before Thanksgiving is probably a blessing in diguise.

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    Our travel agent also called to inform us that AJ has changed their flight schedules--we're leaving a day earlier from Philly. They no longer fly on a Thursday out of Philly.

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    Default air jamaica

    I just found out that AJ doesn't fly out of LAX anymore. We liked using them because they're the only nonstop to MBJ. Hopefully by the time we go next year they'll have come back into our area.

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    What I have seen, and just checked for the week we are going. AJ has cut the Balto - Jamaica flight on Friday, and the return flight on Thursdays. So far we are still a go and at the same time. We still have 148 days before we leave, so I know that can change. I keep checking, about once a week to see what is going on. I hope they don't change at the last minute on us

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    Air Jamaica changed our flights too, and the new flight times would have been very inconvenient for us. My husband looked online and found some other flight times that we liked better, and I called to find out about making changes. The woman I spoke with was extremely accomodating, and she changed our flights at no charge to our preferred times. She apologized profusely for the inconvenience and said they would do whatever it took to please us--very different from other airlines we have flown. We found the planes to be roomier than other airlines as well. I hope they stay in business because they are our new favorite airline!

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    AJ changed us up as well and we were going to have to cut a day or add a day. We added and changed our flight schedule and saved money! Yeah mon! No worries. heading to CSS in 66 days!

    Can't wait..

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    Default Air Jamaica Flight cancellation

    Air Jamaica changed our flights too, we fly from PHL to MBJ the new flight times would have been very inconvenient since we are traveling with another couple. We looked online and found the same flight leaving Sunday to Sunday instead of Saturday to Saturday, and the CN representative was able to confirm our flight change and shift our resort stay. We are back to counting the days 98 to go.

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    What airlines did you find out of Phila with the same time as AJ, early going and late coming back, because we also have been messed up with the changes they have made.
    tks for any info

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    To bad AJ is having so many problems, they were a very nice airline to fly.

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    I thought I heard that Spirit Airlines bought them. Is this not true?
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Actually its still AJ but Sunday to Sunday same exact direct flights they apparently don't fly out of Philly anymore on Thursdays and Saturdays.

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    You all had me so nervous, I had to go to AJ's site and make sure our flights are still going out of Chicago in October.

    Jstone - evidently no..or not yet.

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    I also checked O'hare flights for December. So far, so good. Associated Press article in today's paper talks about ALL major airlines cutting flights this fall. Maybe this is an industry thing, not just AJ? Keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Watch out for AJ changes/cancellations. Three years ago AJ discontinued all service from Houston. We received "new" tickets via FedEx a week before we were scheduled to fly to COR. It was a nightmare. Our "new" Continental flight was delayed out of Houston to Fort Lauderdale. We missed our AJ connection to MBJ. AJ cancelled two other flights from Fort Lauderdale, we slept in the airport and finally flew on Sunday to MBJ. We arrived at COR more than 24 hours late. Our travel insurance was useless and we lost a day of paradice.
    Be Careful, E & L

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    This is the article I read. It is from July 6th.
    By Christopher Hinton NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- The owners of discount-carrier Spirit Airlines will purchase Air Jamaica, renaming the money-losing government-owned carrier Spirit of Jamaica, according to the Jamaica Gleaner. Indigo Partners and Oaktree Capital have reportedly bought the airline for an undisclosed sum, according to unnamed sources, the newspaper said. Sources close to the negotiations would only confirm that Trinidadian-owned Caribbean Airlines did not win the bid for Air Jamaica. The Jamaican government wants to privatize the airline.

    So. I am not sure if this is going to happen or not. Just something I read. I have heard that Spirit Airlines is a large company that would be able to invest a large amount of money into AJ. I would think that would be a good thing.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Default Nov. air Jamaica

    I have heard they canceled a sunday out of Jamacia to Chicago. I sure hope in Nov. they have the great times out and later times coming home

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    When we checked our December flights out of O'Hare, the outgoing to Montego Bay is still flying, but the return to Chicago is no longer flying on Sunday.

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    Thankfully we're flying on Saturday. I wouldn't be happy to see Spirit take over. They'll quarter and dollar you to death and all the fun will be gone.

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    Default Just bought tickets for next June

    I just bought tickets from Chicago to Montego Bay for June of 2010 for my honeymoon. I leave on Sunday, June 6th at 6:30 a.m. and return on Sunday, June 13th at 4:55 p.m. So far nothing has changed on my flights as those times are still going to be offered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristi View Post
    Thankfully we're flying on Saturday. I wouldn't be happy to see Spirit take over. They'll quarter and dollar you to death and all the fun will be gone.

    Actually I don't think they are worse then the rest of the airlines these days. They all seem to nickel and dime you. Although when I fly Spirit last year to Jamica, when I did the math, adding in the baggae fees, drink fees, etc, we were still saving a lot over other airlines, so it was worth it. I will be honest, not flying them this year but that is because of scheduling.

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    Just recently we had a terrible experience with Spirit and family members moving to Honduras. I'm not looking forward to them taking over Air Jamaica. Guess we'll have to find another airline because it was a horrible experience and they don't deserve our business.

    Kevin & Angie

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    I was surprised that AJ just called me to tell us that our flight from NY to MBJ on Dec.5th was changed from 7:30am to 12:45pm.(I knew that as I saw it on line and was very upset) but told us we could change our reservation without a fee to come in a day earlier. So excited I called Couples to book the night and called AJ back and changed it free of charge. I asked why the time change and she said it comes from Jamaica. My cousins JetBlue flight is now leaving NY two hours later also, they said it was changed by the airport not the airlines.Not that she would say but I did ask the AJ rep if they were sold and she said the employees did not know.I really like AJ (flown them 5 times)and am not a fan of Spirit at all.

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