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    Default Wedding Dress & Music CD for Ceremony

    I have 2 questions, please help with answers.

    I have been reading on how to pack your wedding dress, and certain airlines but I have not seen AirTran. Has anyone traveled with a wedding dress and was flying on AirTran, if so, did you carry your dress on the plane?

    It says to choose 3 songs on the Wedding FAQ page and put on a CD. I assume the 1st song is to walk down the isle too, 2nd song during the exit and the 3rd song during cutting the cake? Please let me know how this works.

    We are headed to Couples Tower Isle on July 1st...can't wait.

    Thanks for everyone's help!


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    I'm not sure about the Airtran question, but for the music, the first song is for before you walk down the aisle (while your husband to be is waiting for you and if you have bridesmaids, for them to walk down the aisle to), the second song is for you to walk down the aisle to and the last song is for just after the ceremony when you're walking out.
    We asked if they preferred a CD for the music or if they wanted us to put it on an iPod and they said they'd prefer the iPod so if you have one, i would ask this question as well.

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