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    Default lobster?

    We are going to Couples Negril next week and I am curious if they will have lobster or not? I noticed that on some of the information I have read it says that lobster is only served during certain months. If they will be serving it, is it better at any particular restaurant over another?

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    There will not be lobster served at any resort in Jamaica until July 1st when the season opens again. There was a date by which existing stocks of frozen lobster could still be served but that date has passed.

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    March 31 st is the last day to get lobster. I think it reopens in June or July.

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    Lobster is NOT in season from April 1-June 30, so it looks like you will be out of luck. From everything I've read, Couples will honor the Jamaican law and won't serve lobster during this time. You might be able to find lobster off-resort, but it will be previously frozen, imported (read=expensive) or illegal.

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    Lobster is not served for dinner in April, May, or June. When we were at CN in March, grilled lobster was served in all of the restaurants on Friday. Although the presentation might vary from restaurant to restaurant, the lobster was prepared the same way. More recent guests will be able to state whether this is still the case.
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    Lobster won't be served again until July. April - June is mating season and thus lobster is not served during that time frame.
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    Lobster is not served from April 1 thru June 30 due to mating season.

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    Lobster is out of season in June.
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    Sorry... lobster is not in season in June. They will not be serving lobster till the first week of July.

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    We just returned from CSA and there wasn't any lobster. It is out of season so if they have it, it would be frozen.

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    Lobster is out of season from April through the end of June. Sorry, no lobster next week. We are in the same boat at CSA next week. None the less you are in for a great vacation.

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    I think from the other post I read that it is not Lobster season at this time. We had it at the Cassava Terrace when we were there. Some people say to go to Otaheite to have it but we ate there one night and actually did not prefer that restaurant over the others.

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    Lobster may not be served while you are there, but don't worry.....everything else is so delicious, you may not even miss it.

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