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    We are going to be in Jamaica from June 23 - 27th. We are currently booked at the Ritz, but after reading all of the great reviews about Couples we are considering switching.

    I would like to book the secret package because of the cost savings (right now Ritz is very cheap) but we want to be in Ochos Rios because a lot of the activities we want to do are there (Zip lining, luminous lagoon, Martha Brae rafting). Does anyone if they favor Negril or Ochos Rios with that package?

    Also, do all of the resorts have internet in the rooms? We are definitely going to need to work at least the morning of the 24th since we both our own companies. I know it sucks, but it's better than not going at all!

    Thanks for the help!

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    There is no telling which resort you will get. It is a luck of the draw and whichever resort has the room.

    All resorts have WiFi. Some rooms have it, others don't, but it is available in the lobby areas and other places on the resort.

    We were at CTI and had limited WiFi from our Building 1. At CN, CSS, & CSA it is available in all of the rooms. Perhaps they have improved the reception at CTI since November 2009.

    I highly suggest changing from the Ritz. First of all Couples is all-inclusive and you don't have to spend another dime once you arrive. Plus the resorts are fabulous and you will have an outstanding vacation and fall in love all over again.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    There are NO guarantees on which resort you will get with the Secret Rendezvous, however all of the resorts are fabulous and you will have a great time no matter which one you go to. In my experience, most of my clients have gotten the Ocho side of the island, but every once in awhile, a Negril stay will creep in. If you do happen to get Negril, there are some great excursions on that side of the island as well, YS Falls , zipline, and Mayfield Falls. You will also get the endless white sand beach and the beautiful sunsets.

    Give it a try you, won't be disapointed wherever you end up!!

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    I agree with Juli, Change from your original plan. When you compare them, you have to remember to add the cost of your food and drinks to your room for the original. It is all included in you room costs at Couples, as well as a couple of excursions. If you really want Ocho Rios, I would book one of the two resorts there, rather than go with the Secret Rendezvous. Not sure what the price differences are, but if Ocho Rios is a must, then it would be worth it. Just my opinion though.

    Welcome to the Couples family.

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    Thanks a lot! I think we are going to make the switch.

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    Let us know what you thought about the resort when you get back.
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    Default Let us know when you get back

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffmon View Post
    Let us know what you thought about the resort when you get back.

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