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    Default Q about crediti card charges on the resort

    We're leaving in 8 days!

    I am going to bring some cash (mostly small bills)for incidentals, but was wondering..

    if I decide to splurge on the spa, or gift shop, or book a night time dive etc, and I charge it to my "room" or to my credit card on file, will there be a transaction fee? (a foreign currency fee?)

    I didn't pay any foreign transaction fees when I was paying off the balance of my vacation through couples...but once I'm actually IN Jamaica and charging things.. will it be different?

    we don't really plan to go off resort and spent money on our CC (if we do go, we'll use cash).. but on couples property, what has been your experience?

    thanks! Can't believe that it's just over a week away after 1year+ of waiting!

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    I think the answers on this will probably vary... I will say no, we were not charged a foreign transaction fee, even though when we paid our balance before our trip we WERE.

    However, from a previous discussion on this topic, I know there are many people from whom the answer will be a resounding YES. Not sure what the difference is, why some are charged and why some aren't. But I will tell you, we have a small credit union and we used a Visa debit card. That could be the difference from the larger banks. who knows.

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    When we were at CSA in January, I charged spa treatments to our room. There was NOT a foreign transaction fee, that, now that I think about it, is surprising. We are going to Belize in August, and the same credit card charged a foreign transaction fee for that hotel deposit. Maybe Couples has a way to run it through Miami (their US base).

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    last year when we went to csa, we had charged to our room a couple of little things. We did receive one charge of ab $7 (no biggie). Not sure if thats for everyone though.

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    I think it depends on the card you use. If you booked your trip through Couples and were not charged a fee, then you most likely will not be charged a fee from your bank if you use the same card. Otherwise you could be charged a fee.
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    We used a Capital One “no hassles” card and didn’t have any charges even off the resort. It does depend on the card policies. Just don’t forget to call and tell the card company the dates you are traveling, and the destination. When I called they said that if I hadn’t some/all the charges might have been denied.

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    No fee when we used our Am Ex green card. It's not the resort - it's the card - that dictates the fee.

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