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    Default Quick CTI question...

    Hey everyone. I've lurked around the Couples message board for a few days now in an effort to see what everyone likes about each resort. After all the reading, I took the plunge and booked 7 nights at CTI for my honeymoon. My fiancee and I couldn't be more excited!

    One question that I have that I didn't seem to find an answer for was if parts of CTI, like some restaurants, are shut down during the off-season (we'll be coming this September)? I looked around and several other all-inclusives in Jamaica seem to get complaints about half the resort being closed when it isn't busy. Anyone previously travel to CTI in September and know?

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    I know CSA had some areas closed off last September when we were there, but that was for some major maintenance and was publicized a few months before. I don't think they close down sections just because it's slow season. And, given the major rebuild CTI had just last year, I doubt they'd be doing any "refurbs" this year.

    BTW, MSLA - when are you going to be there in September?

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    The restaurants are always open. The only times any of them are closed is because of the repeaters dinner and the Saturday night gala.

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    At the Couples resorts they never close down any of the resorts or stop any of the activities. It doesn't matter which time of year you go to a Couples resort, you always get the same fabulous service.
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    Nothing is seasonal, in terms of amenities.

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    There may be water sports that aren't available if the weather is not good, nothing to do with time of year, it can happen any time. As for the restaurants they have certain nights when they are closed but I don't know the schedule and I think it's just 8 Rivers and Bayside. When you get to the resort, you are given a form with which to make your reservation, if you choose. On the form it says what nights Bayside and 8 Rivers are closed--8 Rivers is closed Monday for the Repeaters' Dinner.

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    Sept is a great time of year to go to cti. Everything will be open.. Have fun on your trip

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    Thanks everyone for the quick replies! And jagorham, we'll be there the 7th-14th.

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