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    We are planning to go to one of the Couples Resort - however we want to stay minimal time clothed. Which one will be appropriate for us? We would like to go to a place where it is possible to walk to the nude beach from the room naked. Is that possible in Couples Negril?

    Also will it be okay to stay naked during room service?

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    I would not walk anywhere at CN without clothes on except on the A/N beach and out to the water from the A/N beach. It's just not done at CN - at least that I have ever seen. I doubt it's done at the others either but I've only been to CN. Resort nudity is for the A/N beach only - topless on the main beach is o.k., too. You could just wrap your towel around you (especially if you're in a building close to the A/N beach - buildings 6-9 at CN) or wear your cover-up and walk over.

    Being nude when they deliver room service - hmmmmmmmm - I never thought of that one and can't really answer that for certain. I would think it would be a much better idea to keep your clothes on.

    At CN you will have to get dressed (swim suit and cover-up) in order to get something to eat. There is no grill on the A/N beach. CSS does have a grill on the A/N beach so you could eat at that beach A/N. I believe the Island at CTI also brings food over for the Islanders around lunch time. CSA has no A/N option - only topless on the beach.


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    This one made me laugh. You must really love your nudity (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

    It sounds like you would really love CSS if you haven't been there already. You can pretty much be nude from whatever time the nude beach opens (never got up that early...maybe 9?) until 5 when it opens for everyone and becomes a regular beach. They have a pool, a full swim up bar, a beach (kind of rocky though), his and her bathrooms, and they set up a buffet at lunch so you dont even have to get dressed to eat. You do have to when you go back to the room though.

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    We were in Building 9 last year and could basically take a few steps and be on the A/N beach- I think that is about as close as you can get...

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    Neither CTI, CSS or CN offer what you are seeking.

    CTI has Tower Isle which is for nude sunbathing once you are on the island.

    CSS has Sunset Beach which is a dedicated beach for nude sunbathing until sunset.

    CN has a Au Natural beach dedicated for nude sunbathing.

    You are comparing to features similar to GLN or GLB where it is a dedicated side of the resort. You will not find that same offering at Couples.

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