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    Default safety deposit box

    My husband and I will be staying in CN....can anyone tell me if the safety dep boxes in the room are big enough to store a laptop?

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    Probably a "netbook" size will fit. I don't think anything with a screen larger than around 13 to 14 inches will be able to fit in the room safe. Others will have better info than I. If you decide to take your laptop I don't believe that you will have a problem if it will not fit in the safe. I think it is fairly common for folks that take their laptops to leave them out in their room. I would recommend at least storing it in a laptop bag to remove it from open sight. But I don't think you would have to worry. It's your call.

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    We've taken our laptop twice to CN. Neither time did we put it in the safe. In Block 1 we had excellent wifi connection. In Bldg 6, could not pick up a signal. Just used the laptop for music/photos.

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    We've got a MacBook and a 14" Notebook. Both (not at the same time) fit fine in the safe. With the 14" we had to put it in a little crooked, but it still fit.

    Dirtleg is correct in that many leave their computers out without any problems. We frequently had ours on the table charging and it was never disturbed.
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    At CTI when my hubby took his, he put it in his suitcase and locked his suitcase.

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    Thanks everyone!!!!

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