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    Default Ocean Swimming at SSB

    Last week in July
    This will be our first visit to Jamaca, an "all inclusive" and AN. We are celebrating my 50th birthday and my wife has set this up. We are hoping to try and enjoy the experiance. I have not seen any discussion about people swimming in the Ocean, snorkeling, etc. I understand a river drains near the beach and the bottom is a little rocky. Are these activities available at SSN?
    Thanks in Advance

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    Brian - We went to CSS in February, and loved it so much we went back in April. You will both love Sunset Beach!! Yes, the ocean is great for swimming, in fact, it is the best swimming at the resort! Send us an e-mail, and we'll send you lots of information about CSS and SSB, and some pictures, too, if you'd like!

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    By far SSB is the nicer of the two CSS beaches!!! Yes, it's a bit rocky but nothing to be concerned about. Since the river flows into the sea @ SSB the water is a bit cooler. You can certianly swim, snorkel (not a a lot of fish) or float around on the cushions. It's really neat to say you can stand with one leg in the river and the other in the sea. It's also fun to float down the river into the sea.

    The staff at SSB have a couple of activities during the day trivia games, crocket and a ring game. They have a blast with the guests. You also have the bar (Jheneala (SP?)the bartender mixes excellent drinks) and Grill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BriJo View Post
    . . . . I understand a river drains near the beach and the bottom is a little rocky . . . .
    I found it to be VERY rocky. I recommend swim shoes (no one will complain that you're not "truly" nude).
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    I found that is you get on your floatie at the shoreline that you can float past the rocks. They don't go too far out.

    We did swim, float, and snorkel in the ocean. It was lots of fun.
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    SSB is a lil rocky we found if you enter closest to the cliffs the area id a little more smooth but take your time or as other suggested water shoes. Because of the river I found difficult to relax and just float ala bloody bay. The river is a cool dynamic however once you been to bloody bay it is hard to compare any other ja beach enjoy SSB is by far the best AN set up in JA

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    Pack water shoes- I will next time as the rocks hurt my tender feet and I only got into the river once - Hubby loved the river and swam in it quite a few times to cool down.

    The beach and pool at SSB cannot be beat so it wasn't a big deal but next time I want to try to go through the river to the ocean.
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