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    Default The Girls or the Guys?

    Who resisted the nude beach experience more at the first? Your Husband/boyfriend or your Wife/Girlfriend. And if there was resistance at first, how did you(or did you ever) convince them to just try it one time?

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    I'm the one that wanted to go. Wife didn't take any convincing other than she wanted to know why I wanted to go. After breakfast first day she said lets go and the rest is history.

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    My wife never experienced a nude beach until our first trip to Jamaica. We had talked about it when we went searching for a resort and at that time CN was billed "clothing optional". We both felt that if we didn't like the area we simply got up and left. She had the option to be fully nude or topless at the time. We stripped away our fears and had a great natural experience. My wife enjoyed it so much it was by her decision that we went there each day thereafter.

    As we all age in years we add a few pounds and some become self concious of it. DON'T! No one will care what you look like. It isn't a nude body fashion show and no one will make any snide comments.

    Now each year we return it is head for the nude beach to get that all over tan. Who cares who looks. We are on vacation and we are enjoying ourselves!

    Grab your loved ones hand and walk over to the Au Natural beach and say "Honey! Care to try it?"

    It is not something that everyone is comfortable with but once you experience it you will understand why so many enjoy it.

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    My wife took the 4 margarita plunge at Orient Beach in Saint Martin. Such a day...sigh...


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    We talked about it before our first trip to Couples. Neither of us thought we were that interested in doing it. We paid an early morning visit to CN's AN beach to scope out the setting. We liked what we saw, tried it the next day and loved it!

    The best story I have heard about this, a couple was at CN, she was a librarian, they walked around the fence that separates the AN beach just to have a look, everyone on the AN beach was reading, she thought they had found heaven!!! Needless to say, they stripped down and have never looked back.


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    Hubby has been against it. I'm wondering if I could convince him otherwise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeandrr View Post
    Hubby has been against it. I'm wondering if I could convince him otherwise!
    My husband wasn't too keen on the idea either - here's how he got over it.

    I told him I was going to the AN beach at CN and he followed - end of story. The funniest part was him covering his parts with a hat because he was afraid of getting sunburned as they ad neer seen the sun before.

    He is now hooked and neither of us ever consider being at the textile pool or beach areas.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I want to try everything when I go. Especially the AN. But my fear is that my future hubby will decline and tell me "NO" I need suggestions. Help!!!

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    wileeandrr - Let me talk to him, I bet I could convince him. Paul

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    I was the one who was more hesitant. My hubby had wanted to try AN, even somewhere here in Wisconsin. We have a Nudist area about an hour from our place and he kept trying to get me to go. I always refused. However, while researching our first trip to Jamaica that took us to Couples, I noticed they had the AN areas, so I booked a resort with it with the intention of giving my husband his wish. However, I told him if I was uncomfortable after a half hour or so we would have to leave. We didn't leave until 5pm (got there by 11). Now I am just as into the AN both on vacation, and at home (good thing our children are grown and out of the house)

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    My hubby and I went to a topless beach in Cancun a few years back...I'm the prude, so I kept my sunglasses on so no one could see me After a few daqairis the second day and I took my own top off. I'm ready to take it a step up and go to the AN beach...hence our trip to Couples this Saturday. After reading all of the reviews, I'm sold. One question...what is the median age?

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    LBC - Which resort are you going to?? The median age on Sunset Beach at CSS would be about 40, just a rough guess. There were a few older couples, in their 60's and 70's, and there were a few younger couples, 20's or 30's. Most, I would say would be in their 40's.

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    My wife resisted it more at first. We had several discussions about "just trying it" for a half hour or so on the remote section of SSB. She said she would decide when we got to CSS.

    When we got there, we went to try SSB. I barely had the loungers in place off to the right by ourselves when her bikini bottom was being tucked in the bag. She told me to hurry up and join her

    The half hour went fine as many others had described here and there was NO further discussion about which beach. The next morning and the rest of our stay, we just went there...

    LBC- When we were there the range was ~ 20 to 60 with the average age~ 40 as KarenON described...

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    Neither :-)
    Janice and Keith in FL

    CTI 2009
    CN 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015

    CSS 2014

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    KarenON...hubby and I are going to Couples, arriving on June 5...Ya'll? I'm soo looking forward to relaxing, having fun, meeting others.

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    LBC - But which Couples??? There are 4 Couples resorts in Jamaica, 3 with au naturel sunbathing, and 1 without. We were just wondering which one of the 4 you were going to be at?? Whichever one it is, we know you will have a great holiday!!

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    Lovjamaica & KarenON [Paul]...I sent hubby your responses. I am anxious to see how he will respond...stay tuned!

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    I was more hesitant at first. Self-conscious really! I went over after a couple of glasses of wine and sat down on a lounger and within 30 minutes felt totally seems so natural now! Plus, it is fantastic not to have to deal with a wet swimsuit.

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    My fiance was definitely the hesitant one. I like to be nekkid at home, but we have a lot of windows without curtains, so usually I am not allowed to roam free.

    After reading a lot of stuff on the forums, I began talking to her about it, trying to plant the seed. I told her that the islanders are the most non-judgmental and fun people at the resort. At one point, I said that I think she should at least try it and if she's not comfortable, we'll leave and I wouldn't pester her again. She said she'd consider it... I also hunted down some pictures of the island (sans islanders) to show her how beautiful it was and that there is plenty of foliage covering the back side of the island to shield it from the textile beach.

    Also, I told her that the left side is the pool and bar and the party/socializing part of the island and the right is for people who just want to relax with a book and a loved one. She was interested in the relaxing on the water with a book idea, for sure!

    So on our first full day, we spent the morning learning our way around, planned a few dinners, excursions and checked out the textile beach and the swim up bar... had a good time.. after lunch and a bob marley, she seemed ready to try out the island.

    Oh, I want to note, everyone tells you to not wait to try the island and they are right! We tried it the first day and we spent every afternoon on the island with a book. We tried the swim-up bar one time, it was a hoot. My fiance had no idea that she'd enjoy herself so much!

    Other bonuses... No wet swimsuits!

    And regarding sun glasses, ah.... just about everybody wears them on the island.

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    I was the more hesitant one at first. We had been to a beach in Maui that was clothing optional and I decided that wasn't really for me. (if I'm gonna be nekkid, everyone else better be too!) When we got to CN, our beachfront suite overlooked the AN Beach...went to the AN hot tub after dinner, no one else was there and took of my inhibitions along with my dress and never looked back.. Hubby was a little more reserved the next morning, I said, let's get in the water and he looked at me like I'd grown a third eye...I think he was worried about the dreaded shrinkage... he did follow me and the rest of the week was pure bliss..great friends, tasty cocktails and delicious sun and sand and surf. Can't wait to go back!

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