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    Do I have to go to the AN part of the resort to go to toploss or are there other areas where I can do topless?

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    You can go to the area at the end of the pier. That is the topless area.
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    Just to clarify, you are not allowed to just be topless on the Island... but I highly recommended going to the island to try AN... it's such a good time. So relaxing, comfortable, peaceful, and all around good time.

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    Some people complained about topless being on the beach, so to satisfy everyone they sent the topless to the pier

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    Just to clarify what pier I'm talking about, it's the main one pictured below:

    I think the reasoning is simple. If you are on the island, you need to be AN, I would assume that some people would feel uneasy if everybody wasn't held to the same standards there. And on the main beach, I suppose it could cause some issues with gawkers walking back and forth or something like that. This way, if you want to wear clothing, you are on the beach, if you want topless, you go out to the pier, if you want to be in the buff, head on over to the island. There is a wonderful spot for whatever you desire! I think it's all about making everybody feel comfortable with whatever they want to do and to limit the amount of drama that could take place.

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    Too many complaints from guests on the main beach.

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