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    Default Anybody have pictures of being dressed up for dinner?

    I'm aware of what the dress code is, but my fiance is concerned that he will not bring the correct clothing to get dressed up for dinner. He wants to see pictures... Anybody have pictures of themselves they took before or after dinner? This might help to ease his mind... thanks

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    I can email you one if you like, of us and our friends dressed up for dinner at CSS... ayslinnichelle @ gmail dot com

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    Getting dressed up for the men is pretty simple. He needs a button down the front shirt with a collar. Longsleeve or short. Most guys wear short sleeve. A pair of pants. No shorts. And closed toe shoes. No sandles or flipflops. That's it. He doesn't even need to wear socks.
    I hope this helps.


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    I just remembered something. The outfit I mentioned in the other post is for the Eight Rivers restaurent. It used to be called The French restaurent. For any other restaurent he can wear shorts, again a short sleeve shirt, and sandles. Very casual.

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    Default here is what we wore

    here is what we had on:

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    Default Hubby & I

    I am attempting to attach two photos of hubby and I at 8 Rivers. He wore the aqua shirt and khaki pants to the repeaters dinner and the other is just us at 8 Rivers.
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    Here is an example of what we wore to the buffet:

    Here's Richie (crabracer) and Syl at 8 rivers:

    And a picture of my fiance and I at the sit down (no reservations or dress code) restaurant:

    We'd generally spruce it up a bit if we went anywhere other than the buffet, but I'd usually even put on a button down shirt in the evening.

    Linen shirts and pants work wonderfully in Jamaica! I bought a couple pairs of pants and a handful of shirts to wear.

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    This is us at CSA in February 2008
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    We follow the printed dress codes, but are pretty conservative. Here we are ready for dinner.
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