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    When you do a trading places day pass, do you get to see the rooms? That would be really helpful for deciding on your next couples trip. Anyone know?

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    You can ak to see some of the rooms. If they have vacancies they will show you a room or two...

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    You can ask at the front desk and if rooms are not occupied they should allow you to see them

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    I think a lot depends on how occupied and busy the hotel is at the time of your visit. Last summer we went to CSS and did the one day trip to CTI. We asked if we could see the rooms and the staff was great and we were able to see the different room categories at CTI as part of our day excursion.

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    No, but you could ask to see one.

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    I have seen in similiar post's regarding trading places, that yes, the staff will let you see the rooms. I believe you ask at the front desk.

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    Not necessarily. You could probably has if there was a room to see at the front desk. We didn't go in any rooms, but when we got there housekeeping was cleaning and we could see in the rooms.

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    When you arrive at the resort (Trading Places resort) speak with the front desk and ask to see a few rooms. They will be very happy to accommodate you. We did this at CSA and they were wonderful. We also took the 10am orientation which was really nice. It took about an hour, but was worth the time. We really got to see the whole resort.
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    Thanks everyone. The orientation sounds like a good deal. Didn't know you coud do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jc View Post
    The orientation sounds like a good deal.
    If you take the orientation tour, drop out as soon as they start to head up to the second floor at the Palms. Someone issued this warning before we visited CSA in 2008, but I forgot about it. Big Mistake!

    You'll be shown into the billiards room, the tour guide will shut the door behind you and leave, and you'll find yourself in a room with two or three people trying to sell you on the swimming with dolphins excursion. I was one of only three people on the tour. I felt trapped. All three of us were obviously uncomfortable, but I think that we all felt compelled to remain because we didn't want to appear rude.

    Our trip was two years ago. More recent visitors would be better able to indicate whether this still done at CSA. If it is, try to remember to drop out.
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    Pamela, we did not have that happen to us at CSA. It wouldn't be a problem for me if it did happen. I don't think it is rude to say "oh, no thank you" and leave. Being able to say no politely and firmly and meaning it is a great skill that comes in handy with beach vendors too.

    People who do hard sells count on those who are overly concerned with appearing rude. I don't blame them for that, but I choose not to be a victim to it.

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