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    Default What time to get married?

    We are getting married Sept 15th 2010. We need to book our wedding "time" but not sure what time would be best?
    I heard there are afternoon showers, about what time are those afternoon showers with out looking at a crystal ball? And I know it's hot, but what the difference from 11am-4pm...
    Please any suggestions and advise are welcomed. Thank you!

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    I cannot give you actual life experience but from the large amount of time I've spent on the boards is this...

    The mid after noon is the hottest. If you do the wedding on the beach itself there might not be shade but there is usually a strong breeze.

    11am gives you time to do your hair, makeup, etc without feeling rushed. And gives you enough time to finish pictures and have the afternoon just to hangout. Also the sun will be pretty high overhead creating really pretty colors off the water.

    I personally chose the 4pm time slot. I wanted to be able to enjoy the entire day and not feel rushed at all. My fiance is also not a morning person and I don't want him to look grumpy or sleepy in our photos. I've read a lot of people saying the sun was setting by the end of their photo shoot so they were able to get some great sunset shots. This is also close enough to supper that after photos my guests and I will just go to one of the resturants for our reception.

    Overall I hear it's hot all day and has the potential to rain at any time period. So my suggestion is go with the time of day you enjoy the best.

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    it is actually depends, if you want to do a luncheon reception make your wedding at 10:30 or 11 am, if you are doing a cocktail-hour and dinner dance then you can have it between 3-5pm.

    and i also agree with trvlnewbie "go with the time of day you enjoy the best"
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    We choose 10am because of how beautiful the water is and it isn't the heat of the day. Then we can do our pictures and have time to go on the cat cruise with our guests. I can't wait for 11/5/10!!!!

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    The weather patterns seem to be surprisingly different on different parts of the island, so the time and frequency of rain probably depends on which resort you're going to.
    I have been to CSA twice (both times in May/June) and it seems to rain more often in the 3-4pm time frame, but not every day.
    We were just married there 2 weeks ago and did the sunset package because we wanted to have the beautiful sunset photos and softer lighting, and we also wanted to have our ceremony flow directly into a cocktail party, then dinner, then dancing (we had a bunch of guests). Everything flowed perfectly and we were really happy that was the time of day that we chose.
    It was hot during our ceremony because it's always hot there, but from what i could tell it was much more comfortable than most other times of day. We had a nice light breeze during our ceremony and reception. We saw a bunch of other weddings in the days after ours and while the lighting and ocean colors looked beautiful the people getting married and at the wedding looked hot and sweaty. It seemed like the 1-3 timeframe was the hottest and typically devoid of breezes.
    To each his/her own, but i was very happy we chose the sunset hour.

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    I am getting married at CN on 9/10/10 at 11am. I figured it wouldn't be too hot and it would give us time to get ready and also the rest of the day to do as we pleased. I hope we made the right choice, but it seemed like the most logical one!!

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    We were married at 11am. It seemed to work very well. I got up and started getting ready around 8, never felt rushed. Afterward everyone had time to eat lunch and get changed and we all met up for the cat cruise at 3:30. The photographer recommended 11am for the colors in the pictures and she was right, they are the most beautiful color of blue.

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    10 am is the perfect time. You get the very best colors in your photos and there is a small breeze. It just gets HOTTER and hotter after that. We didn't sweat at all. EVERYONE else we saw getting married later were "sweating buckets!" Also, there is less beach traffic and therefore, less extra people you don't know wandering by and getting in your pictures.

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    33abbie we are getting married 6/30/11 but still deciding the time> but we want to do the dinner and dancing. What day did you get married? we are trying to find the best night for dancing? Which restaurant did you eat at? thanks for your help.

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