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    Default deployment scare

    we jus booked our first vacation at css and now we just learned that my husband may be deploying to afghanistan around that nervous....i dnt wanna cancel it n then find out later that we had time to go but im not clear on what the refund policy is....if we pay what we owe on the trip now and then we cant go will i get a full refund???? and also if it turns out that we need to switch dates does my resort credit still transfer????

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    did you get the travel insurance? If yes, you're covered and you can cancel any time, any reason, 100% refund or credit.

    If not, you can cancel up to 45 days before your trip for a full refund, after that: check this link out.

    also, if you change your dates, you get to keep the resort credit, but may end up paying a different amount based on room rates at the time you change dates (see the recent post by randymon, stickied at the top, "2011 Fair warning"

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    It depends who you booked with, whether you have cancellation insurance, and when you're going. If your travel is in 2011, then I know that you can cancel up to 45 days before with a full refund. I also asked if I had to change my dates would I still get the resort credit, and I was told yes. My husband is in the airforce and for a while we hearing deployment there for a while as well. In our case, we booked with a travel agent and bought insurance.

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    If you did not buy insurance cancel your trip get full refund then immediatly rebook with the worry free insurance! Then no worries at all.

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    I have no advice for you. I just wanted to say hi. My son is in the Marines and I wanted you to know I empathize with you.

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    thanks everyone but we did book travel insurance so hopefully we're good

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    with insurance you can rest easy knowing you can cancel any time for any reason and only lose the insurance money but well worth it.

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    All we want to say is we hope you both get to your vacation and to your husband THANKYOU for your service and sending prayers he comes home safe.

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    awww thank you....being a miltary can definately be tough at times....especially not knowing when something drastic is about to happen

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    Maybe you guys can take some leave time before he goes and try and fit the trip in prior to him leaving? My husband and I got married at CSA in November 2009 and he left for active duty in January. We loved that we got to take the trip prior to us spending so much time apart. It has been so nice looking at all of the pictures and counting down to being reunited at couples.

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    If you booked the insurance, you are good. Just let them know that you might have to cancel due to the deployment and let them know for sure when you find out dates for the deployment. I booked mine and then moved it 2 months earlier because I returned from Afghanistan early and I had no problems at all. They were extremely helpful.

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    Ditto.Hope you get your vacation before your husband deploys. Thank you both for your service. My son is currently in Afghanistan and I feel like you (military) are all my family. God bless you both and keep your husband safe.

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    Default USAF wife

    Hi. I just wanted to say I hope your vacation works out. My husband is returning from Afghanistan in Sept and we are going to CSS for his post deployment vacation. I am sure he will need it. God Bless our husbands and all those serving. I wish you the best and will keep you both in my prayers.

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    Default USAF fam,

    My husband is in the Air Force, so I can relate to how you feel...I hope you two are able to go on your vacation and the military won't interfere...enjoy yourselves!
    Good luck!

    95 days until we go to CSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by sndtrevino View Post
    with insurance you can rest easy knowing you can cancel any time for any reason and only lose the insurance money but well worth it.
    Yes, if you bought the insurance that Couples offers. If you booked through a travel agent and purchased a third-party plan it's very possible that you're NOT covered for this. Best to check to see what coverage you have in place before making any decisions.

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    USMC Wife, we thank your husband for his service to our country. our son in law, who is in the Army, has been deployed once and is heading back this fall. we know how fluid deployment times can be so hopefully you two will get to take your trip.


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