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    I've never flown this airline before... I'm a little concerned with how they assign seating. Any travelers who can clear this up for me?

    It is my understanding that I'm supposed to "log in" 24hrs before my flight and locate my seats... why do they not just assign the seats with the tickets?

    hopefully I'm freaking out over nothing... I just don't want all the seats to be taken for a flight that I've paid for over eight months ago.

    Thanks to any and all who can help.

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    Not sure why you don't have seats already assigned. I've flown Air Tran several times, most recently last month and chose our seats when I booked the flight. Now Southwest on the other hand does not assign seats.

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    Air Tran lets you choose seats for a fee when you book or when you check in online - at least $6 per seat (one way). Otherwise, your seats will be assigned when you arrive at the airport. Also, we flew AirTran direct from Baltimore-Washington to Montego Bay and we were not able to check in online because it was an international flight.

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    If you want to choose your seats in advance, you have to BUY the seat assignments otherwise, they will assign you seats at random 24 hours ahead.

    From THE AirTran Website:

    AirTran Airways offers several advance seat assignment options. Whether you select your seat assignment in advance or not, all customers will receive a seat assignment prior to boarding their flight.

    Advance seat assignments are available for purchase at any time with Discount Coach and Sale fares. Prices vary by seat. For customers who purchase Regular Coach fares (Y, B or M fare classes), some seat selections are complimentary.

    You may view the seating options and make your selection during the booking process, or you may retrieve your reservation and select your seat assignments at a later time.

    Some seats offer special benefits:

    Premium coach seats toward the front of the cabin offer priority boarding
    Exit row seats offer additional leg room and priority boarding
    All customers choosing exit row seating (whether purchased in advance or assigned at check-in) must meet certain requirements to qualify for exit row seating. See details below for exit row requirements.

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    Don't worry, you will have seats, you just can not pick the exact seat you want until you check unless you pay the upfront fee.

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    This is how we have done it with airtran. Anytime during the 24 hours prior to your flight you can go online and check in. At that time they let you chose your seat for free. Never had any problem.

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    We had originally booked our trip with AirTran as a package through FunJet. The paperwork said I could go online and reserve our seats so I tried but kept getting a message saying my reservation could not be found...I used every number I could think of on that paperwork. I finally called AirTran and was told that because the tickets were purchased as part of a package I couldn't reserve the seats myself. Yes, this sounded hokey to me as I have done this with other airlines without problems but everyone has their "thing". So I asked her if she could reserve the seats for me...sure she could...for like $25 per flight (whatever their term is for each time you take off and land). Seemed a little over the top to me so I elected to risk it and not reserve seats at that point, that was about three months ago. Last Friday at work my travel agent notified me that AirTran had made a "schedule change" and we now had THREE minutes to make our connection in Atlanta on the way to Montego Bay. Less than 30 minutes later she had cancelled those tickets and purchased me new ones on Delta. A friend of mine flew to Atlanta on AirTran a couple of weeks ago and had a "negative experience"...haven't heard all the details yet. I'm not getting a good impression of this airline so I'd keep an eye on that schedule and your seats if I were you.

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    Thanks All... This is a great relief to me! We are flying Down to Jamaica in less than 2 weeks (getting married at Swept Away) and we just bought a house (we are moving our stuff out tomorrow)

    The thought of assigning our own seats seemed like another hassle when I have plenty enough on my mind as it is... but you good fols have put me at ease on this one and for that I thank you.

    By the way, this will be our 1st time at couples (or jamaica for that matter) I have heard only good things so I am very excited!

    Thanks again.

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    Just another little warning re: Air Tran. Watch the size of your suitcase. My husband and I flew to Ft Lauderdale from BWI last month. Only going to be gone for 4 nights so we packed in one 28 inch suitcase. It was well under 50 lbs but they pulled out a paper measuring tape and measured the total dimensions as 63 inches. Cut off is 62 inches. When we told them that this suitcase has flown probably 6 times in the past year without any problems {not on Air Tran}, they scrounged around for another tape measure. This time they got 62.5 inches......and we ended up being charged $49 each way for oversized luggage. This is in addition to the $15 we already paid for the luggage fee.

    When I told the man I was going to get rid of this piece of luggage, he told me that "not every airline is doing this". But we have thrown out this luggage and I bought a 25 inch to check and a 21 inch to carry on. I am joining the ranks of people who carry on the maximum size.

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    Congrats Ledbetter, we got back from our first trip/wedding/honeymoon/vacation at CSA in April. We loved every minute of it. Flying into the airport was awesome as water was on one side then mountains on the other. At CSA Tamika will take care of the wedding details and will ease a lot of the stress. FYI...If your soon to be hubby doesn't care much for massages (I don't), you can use his free 30 min massage to make yours a full hour or you can have two 30 min massages.

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